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Devils on Horseback: Generations, #1

Meet the next generation of the Devils on Horseback. What is great is you don’t have to read any of those books to read these. They definitely stand alone though all of the characters from those books will be seen in this one. All that said, read this book if you like historical western romances. It is totally awesome with a past that Eve wants to keep secret and a family like no other one Eve has ever seen. A wedding is being pushed for but Eve’s secrets are slowly coming out. Adam has some growing up to do and he needs to do it fast. This story kept me so interested and the twists and turns weren’t always what I expected. It’s fast paced so it seems like there is something going on all of the time. But, it also has tender moments and ones that I found I needed to take a break of a few minutes before getting back into the emotional scene. Ms Williamson continues to give her readers stories that bring the characters and the old west to life and leaves them wanting more. Great job!

Eve has a past that she’s love to forget but she can’t. She depends on her abilities to adapt to whatever life throws at her. She will survive. However, she doesn’t plan on being left in the middle of nowhere.

Luckily, the wagon that almost ran her over didn’t but instead crashed with flour going everywhere. The giant of a man driving it is okay but very angry. He’s willing to leave Eve right where she stands as he starts his long walk back to Tanger, TX. Eve has no idea where she is but figure she better follow him.

Little does either know where this path will lead.

Book Blurb for Adam

Sometimes the universe has to turn your life sideways so love can find its way in.

As the oldest of five, Adam Sheridan’s life is full of obligations. He longs to do something, anything, besides working his family’s flour mill in Tanger, Texas. His mama always says the universe moves in its own sweet time.

Apparently the universe was waiting for his wagon load of flour to overturn so he could meet the woman he was destined to love.

Eve Tate is a woman from nowhere with a shady past and an uncertain future. When she is left behind in Adam’s care, she reinvents herself again to be his perfect mate. Little does she know who she was will haunt who she tries to be.

And, just like the couples of old, Adam and Eve must find a way to live together—or lose everything they have.

Warning: Contains a redheaded man with a Texas-wide stubborn streak, and a chameleon-like woman with a heart that needs attention and a soul that needs redeeming. Foolishness, canoodling and deep abiding love result.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 5.00