A Vision of Lucy

A Rocky Creek Romance

Lucy Fairbanks dreams of being a newspaper photographer. The problem is the local newspaper owner doesn't see the need for the expense of putting photographs in the paper. Still, Lucy has convinced him to give her a chance, if she can get a photograph of an elusive white horse.

Lucy is sure she can get the photograph she needs if she hides in a tree near where the horse has been sighted. While she doesn't see the horse, she does see a stage coach robbery and ends up on the back of the stage coach with the horses running away!

To her rescue comes David Wolf, a reported wild man, unable to talk and wanting to fight. David isn't any of those things though. His description comes from a young boy who was caught going through David's possessions. However, David doesn't want to be bothered with the people in town. He has a mission to complete and then he's leaving the area.

For some reason, unknown to Lucy, she is attracted David, even though he is a half-breed. David isn't sure he wants anything to do with Lucy but she's growing on him. As David's mission is reveled and Lucy goes from one disaster to another, love seems to find its way into David and Lucy's relationship. David's sure he'll never be accepted and Lucy has dreams she doesn't want to let go of. Can they figure something out or will they need to go their own ways?

This is the third book in a three book series by Margaret Brownley centered around Rocky Creek. You do not need to read the previous books to enjoy this one. However, the characters from the previous books are in this one.

The characters are well done. Each has a history, a family and dreams. Lucy has a younger brother who she tries to help fulfill his dream of becoming a doctor. Her father though doesn't see photography as anything more than a hobby and keeps trying to marry her off. David doesn't know who his parents are. He had a box that had been found with him as a baby but some older boys from Rocky Creek took it from him when he was 10. If he can find the box, maybe he can get some clues about his parents.

The town and the inhabitants of Rocky Creek are also very believable. There are rascally boys and prim women. There is a former Confederate soldier who believes in soldiering on and a preacher from the north who thinks all children should be educated in the same building. It may not be your typical post-Civil War Texas town but it sure sounds like an interesting place.

Above each chapter are a few words of wisdom from Miss Gertrude Hasslebrink. These words are for amateur photographers telling them how to pose their subjects and how they should dress. Definitely a bit different than today's photography!

This historical western romance is also an inspirational romance. However, it is not overly preachy. There are occasional references to following where God is leading and not where you want to go or looking for the opportunities that are open, not those that are blocked. Of course, you also are not going to find any wild love scenes or racy bits.

Overall, this wasn't a bad book. It closed up a series very well giving most of the characters some sort of happy ending. The main characters were interesting and unusual. There is a small mystery involved and even the ending to that was solved in an unconventional way. There were places that the writing come across a somewhat dry or flat but those passed quickly.

This is a book that young and old can enjoy. There is nothing in it that a young teen shouldn't read yet the characters and story are developed enough that the grandmother of the teen would also enjoy it. It's a nice, sweet romance.

Book Blurb for A Vision of Lucy

Trouble follows Lucy wherever she goes. So does a vision of second chances . . . and love.

Lucy Fairbanks dreams of working as a photographer at the Rocky Creek newspaper. Her deepest hope is that her father will see her as an artist, the way he thought of her deceased mother, whose paintings still hang on their walls.

But disaster follows Lucy on every photo assignment: a mess of petticoats and ribbons, an accidental shooting, even a fire.

When Lucy meets David Wolf-a rugged, reclusive man who lives on the outskirts of town-she thinks she can catch the attention of the town with his photograph. She doesn't count on her feelings stirring whenever she's near him.

Two things happen next that forever change the course of Lucy's life. But will these events draw her closer to God or push her further away? And how will David accept this new vision of Lucy?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 4.25