A Simple Charity

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A Simple Charity

A Lancaster Crossroads Novel

Though the blurb is all about an Amish romance between Fanny Lapp and Zed Miller, there is another just as interesting English romance going on between Meg Harper and Jack Woods. The intertwining of both cultures is as interesting and real as it is in real life. The respect and differences come across extremely well. But, even better are all the problems life throws at everyone and how each person goes about fixing or dealing with each problem. While I’ve read some of the other books in this series, I haven’t read them all and it made no difference in my enjoyment of this book. Characters from previous books are in this one as secondary characters which makes it nice to catch up on what they are doing. This story grabbed my interest almost immediately and soon I was wrapped up in a community of people. This story was heartwarming. Though bad things happened to good people, their faith saw them through their difficult times. Life isn’t always easy and that is reflected throughout this story. All I can say is Rosalind Lauer is a masterful storyteller who knows her subject and her audience. I look forward to reading more books by her.

Fanny Lapp is twice widowed and not even 30! Her step children are grown and starting their own lives while her children are still quite young. Fanny is working hard trying to keep her family together but it isn’t easy. Currently she’s helping out the community midwife but she’s not as confident in her skills as she needs to be. Zed Miller has returned to the Amish after spending years among the English. He’s having a hard time becoming part of the community but he’s going to do it. The bishop has suggested that he help around the community until he is able to find a job among it. So, he’s helping Fanny rebuild a carriage house. Meg Harper has her midwife license suspended. Yet, when Fanny needs help, she steps in only to have Deputy Jack Woods catch her. Now what? It’s not what you expect.

Book Blurb for A Simple Charity

For fans of Beverly Lewis and Cindy Woodsmall, Rosalind Lauer’s moving Lancaster Crossroads novel A Simple Charity reminds us that the greatest gifts come from the heart—and that everyday miracles make love possible.



Although she is still in her twenties, Fanny Lapp has known a lifetime of love and heartache. Twice widowed, she has a home to maintain, a renovation in the works, and a family to raise—all without a husband. Fortunately, in the Amish community, help is never far away. To ease Fanny’s burdens, the bishop sends Zed Miller to the Lapp house. Fanny is drawn to kind, handsome Zed, who suffers from sins of the past. But to everything there is a season, and Fanny cannot act on her feelings while mourning her husband.

Newly returned to his Amish roots after many years in the outside world, Zed knows he must prove himself to earn acceptance from his community. Without a second thought, he picks up a hammer and sets to work helping Fanny fulfill her dream of turning an old carriage house into a women’s childbirth center. Soon Zed finds himself a part of Fanny’s daily chores, sharing her laughter and sorrow. Knowing that time flows like a river, running slow and steady, Zed plans to wait on his love. But when their secret is discovered, how deep will the disapproval of their community run?

A reminder that the greatest gifts come from the heart, A Simple Charity shines like the sun with the blessings of everyday miracles.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2014 5.00