A Season of Angels

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A Season of Angels

Shirley, Goodness and Mercy are angels. They don't always follow the rules exactly and they love visiting Earth. Archangel Gabriel is in charge of which angels get which assignments and he has assignments for each of these angels. It's just before Christmas and that's their deadline.

Shirley is sent to help answer a young boy's prayer for a dad. Timmy's father has been dead since he was a baby and his mother, Jody won't date. Jody still loves Timmy's father and has no desire to get on with her life, as her mother tells her. Can Shirley find a man to teach Jody to love or will Timmy have to learn to live without a father?

Goodness has a different problem. Monica is the daughter of a preacher and sure that her opinions and her views are those that everyone should follow. She can't understand why she can't find a husband of her own and is not aware of how self righteous she sounds. Goodness is sure she's found the perfect match for Monica, the choir director but Monica doesn't seem interested. However, for some reason Monica does seem drawn to a man who is all wrong for her. Can Goodness get her back on the right track or will Monica spoil her chances with that other man?

Leah is a labor and delivery nurse. Though she has been married for several years, she hasn't been blessed with her own child. She desperately wants a baby and this desperation is driving her husband, Andrew away. Mercy needs to figure out how to bring hope and joy back into Leah's life before her prayer for a baby will be answered. She's not sure if she's going to be able to do it.

Debbie Macomber has written about these three angels in several other books. They are funny and cute as they struggle with their own temptations like a love for movies or making music. These three angels are always together and they met to try to help each other with whatever they are trying to accomplish. Sometimes these meetings are even more interesting than the humans they are trying to help!

Okay, apart from our three helpful angels there are a lot of characters due to there being three basic stories. Each character brings something different to this book. Monica is in her mid 20s and still lives at home and works at the church. She comes across as someone who has never lived in the real world or attended public schools or had many friends. She thinks she is better than everyone else. Leah is a loving wife and a caring nurse. She seems to be focused on being a mother to the exclusion of nurturing her marriage. She still has friends and a life but needs to realize that having a baby does not define her being a woman. Jody just wants to raise her son. She loved her husband but he's dead. She has no desire to look for anyone else as she's sure they will not live up to her expectations.

Though each woman's story is one of change, some aspects of them also seemed off. Jody needed to divorce her husband for financial reasons. It would seem to me that having him declared dead would be better for financial reasons. She would have full access to his assets, social security would send a check to her son and she would be able to file for his life insurance. I didn't understand how divorcing him would be in her benefit. I also didn't understand how she could believe he was dead without having a death certificate. Monica was so stodgy I would have thought she was at least 60. I don't know any 2 year old that doesn't know what give me 5 is much less someone in their 20s. The going on and on about make-up was just plain silly as many women do not wear make-up and look wonderful. Leah was the most realistic but even she had a romanticized view of children.

As usual Shirley, Goodness and Mercy worked their magic while trying to stay in Gabriel's good graces. They came close to stepping over the line but barely managed to stay on the right side of it. Each woman slowly changed their views and attitude allowing their dream to come true, even though a few were not what was expected!

I was a bit disappointed in this book. While my favorite angels were busy trying to stay out of trouble, the women they were working with felt stiff and old fashion. This isn't to say that the book was totally uninteresting because that would be a lie but don't expect anything more romantic than a chaste kiss.

All of the women worked outside of their homes but the theme felt like a woman can't feel complete unless she is married with children. Another real push was women should dress nicely and wear make-up to be attractive. These two themes gave this story a dated feel.

However, if you are looking for three sweet romances with an old fashion feel with a touch of humor, look no further. This book is for you. Our three busy angels keep things interesting as they work on fulfilling their charges prayer. But don't be surprised when what they think is the way to go isn't. After all, they aren't the ones in charge and they can't see the whole picture.

Book Blurb for A Season of Angels

Wishes for love bring hope from above.

Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy—three willing but sometimes wayward angels—are each given someone's prayer to answer . . .

Shirley: She's sent to help nine-year-old Timmy Potter, who longs for a new father. And although his mother, Jody, has vowed never to trust any man, Shirley is determined to help her love again.

Goodness: She knows Monica Fischer longs for a husband and home of her own, but the young woman has practically given up on finding the right man to stand by her side . . . until Goodness steps in to help.

Mercy: Can Mercy bring hope back into Leah Lundberg's life? This maternity nurse desperately wants a child to fill up the home she's made with her husband, Andrew.

But there's just one catch: Each angel must teach her charge a memorable lesson before the prayer can be granted . . .

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 3.75