A Little Fang Never Hurt Anybody

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I would not classify this as a romance. Yes, there are romantic elements within the story. There are even some sex scenes but it is not a romance. Kokoa has three males she’s interested in; a good friend with benefits, a vampire she’s stringing along and a dragon she wants to meet. She does not want a long term relationship with any of them at this time. In fact, much of the story has Kokoa worried about her great grandfather visiting her on her 23rd birthday. This story is written in the first person which , for me, took some getting use to. There is your normal party scene for twentysomethings and the angst of getting older. The world that was developed is intriguing. I would have loved a bit more depth but the idea of a magical island with all sorts of paranormal creatures and all types of hybrids is fantastic. Hints were given on bigger, broader concepts which may be expanded on in future books as this one is classified as the first book in a series. While I didn’t love this story, I did like it. The promise of a more complex visit to this world has me likely to read more. However, I hope in the future the story feels more connected and the ending feels more of an ending and not a rest stop.

Kokoa has a good life. She works in her family’s restaurant as a part time server, she has good friends that she shares a house with and she has a friend with benefits who knows about the vampire who would like more. Kokoa even has a secret game going with a dragon she’d like to know. But, Kokoa also feels as if she doesn’t fit in. She doesn’t look like the rest of the werewolves in her pack and no one knows why. As her birthday draws near, she learns that her great grandfather is coming to see her. This scares her. Why would he take notice of her now?

Book Blurb for A Little Fang Never Hurt Anybody

Werewolf Wild Child.

Taco Enthusiast.

Drunk Table Dancing Expert.

Queen of Shitty Relationships.


Kokoa Lovell. (Pronounced as cocoa)

I'm an honest-to-goodness, denial wearing- f*ck-up. My love life contains themes of extreme complication, washboard abs and mind-blowing romps in the sack. It's okay though. I swallow the crazy sh*t life is bringing in buckets because I really don't want to deal with what's important... like finally facing my scarier than split ends great grandfather -- the head honcho himself and why his decades long absence has come to an end in time for my birthday. And wondering why I collected lust cards from three different guys.

The next few days I face is sure to be a cluster--f*ck of epic proportions, during which, I will learn the following: It's cute to cuddle with a lion but dangerous when he's keeping secrets... Flirting and making hubba-hubba eyes at a vampire is just asking to get your neck chomped on. And sending Polaroid pictures of your ass to a dragon is all fun and games till he decides to kidnap you.

My solution: Eat a ton of birthday cake then run like hell.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2017 3.00