A Kiss From Kringle

Frosty's Snowmen, #2

Deception, attraction and Christmas magic come together in this story to make a romance that is magical. Though the story is short, it is well developed and is complete. The characters are multi-dimensional and include things like families, jobs and struggles. The setting is terrific and had me wanting to visit Santa’s Village. The story is fast paced as is the romance. Or, at least, Leah thinks it’s moving a bit fast but Chris is going with Christmas magic. Whichever it is, it doesn’t matter as this is a perfect Christmas story. I really enjoyed it.

Chris loves Christmas and really loves the first day that the family Santa’s Village opens. The magic is just throughout the air. However, as he looks around the village, he notices an elf that he doesn’t recognize and that’s not good. Chris does the hiring and he knows he didn’t hire that elf. What is going on?

Book Blurb for A Kiss From Kringle

For a man called Chris Kringle, Christmas is the most magical time of the year.  But this year, there’s something about a certain elf that’s grabbed his attention in the best of ways. 

Leah Ward didn’t start the day intending to be an elf in Santa’s Village, but to help her sister she’d do anything, including an impersonation and squeezing into a too-tight elf suit.  But Leah didn’t count on the boss discovering her deception ? or that he’d be enchanted by it. She certainly didn’t count on Chris deciding all his future kisses would belong to her.

A firm believer in Christmas magic, Chris knows the sparks that fly when he meets Leah are the once-in-a-lifetime kind, and he sees no point in wasting any time. All he has to do is convince a soft-hearted cynic that all magic is real ? and that Christmas magic is the most powerful of all.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2015 4.50