A Haunted Romance

I love Sindra van Yssel’s stories and I couldn’t wait to see what she does with a ghost in the mix. I’m not so much into ghost stories so it really was the author that brought me to this story and she didn’t disappoint. Hot guys, mysterious happenings, things that go bump and moan in the night and a few family secrets are packed into slightly over 100 pages giving the reader some hot sexual scenes and a bit of an adventure. There is some light BDSM elements along with the sex but the erotic elements aren’t just in the bedroom! A beautiful country setting and characters that keep your interest as well as a well done plot kept me reading even when I should have been sleeping (or working). I’ll never look at ghost stories the same way. (The ending wasn’t what I expected but it was perfect!)

Chelsea has inherited her Aunt Pat’s house and everything inside it, though it seems her brother has taken his opportunity to see most of the contents. Everyone says that the house is haunted but Chelsea doesn’t believe in ghosts. Almost immediately she is met by two handsome, yet very different, men, Trent and Dalton. She’s attracted to Trent immediately and enjoys his visits. Dalton is going out of his way to help Chelsea, including even running to the grocery store. But, Chelsea soon hears noises that can’t be explained. And, a couple of trunks from a previous owner of the house. She’s not sure who to trust as she explores her sexual desires, the house’s mysteries and things that go bump in the night.

Book Blurb for A Haunted Romance

helsea moves out to her deceased aunt's house in the country for some peace and quiet. It seems like the perfect spot for a mystery writer to hole up and be away from people. She doesn't believe her brother's claim that her aunt's old house is haunted, it's just in need of some good care. With two helpful and handsome neighbors in Trent and Dalton, she thinks she's in pretty good shape, even if the two men don't get along very well. But there's something going wrong in the house -- strange sounds, slamming doors, falling objects. She's got a mystery of her own to solve, and she's determined not to leave until she solves it -- and until she figures out if the man who pleases her body is worthy of her heart as well.

When she finds the erotic writings of Minerva, a frustrated resident of the house from a century ago, she thinks she has an idea of who might be haunting the house, but why is the ghost so dangerous? And which of her neighbors can she trust?

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: BDSM elements. Please be aware that our BDSM titles may include scenes of bondage, spanking, and other elements practiced within a BDSM lifestyle.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2013 4.50