A Field Guide To Demons, Vampires, Fallen Angels and Other Subversive Spirits

This is a different type of book. It is exactly what it says it is though, a field guide.

As you open this book, you will notice a very large table of contents. It's over 4 pages long! Don't panic because the first section is an introduction to this field guide, a how to use it and a few more basic instructions such as how to identify a basic demon.

The remaining sections are different types of mystical and magical creatures. They are divided into Water, Mountain, Forest, Desert, Domicile and Psyche depending on where you would find the creature. What is even more interesting is the broad range of cultures that these creatures are drawn from.

The Water section has Tiamat (Mesopotamia) as well as Mbulu (South Africa) and Kelpie (Scotland). Of course, some creatures are just known globally like Mermaids.

Tommy-Knockers (North America), Yakas (Nepal) and Patupairehe (New Zealand) are a few of the creatures found under the heading Mountain.

Pan (Greece) leads the Forest section with Bori (West Africa) and Shedim (Judaism) following along with several other creatures.

The normal large deserts (Sonoran, Sahara, Arabian) are full of creatures too such as Set, Mamu and Iblis.

Domicile includes creatures like Croucher (Babylonia), Lilith (Judaism) and Nisse (Norway).

Under Psyche, creatures such as werewolves (global), Zombie (Vodou) and Id (Freud).

Finishing the book is an awesome Bibliography and index.

Now, what makes this book unique and interesting on several levels is each creature is not just described but there is a short tale about it and methods to evade it. Both allow the reader to better recognize the creature, how they operate and what they should or shouldn't do.

Weather you are looking for an excellent reference book or just want to know more about paranormal creatures, this is the perfect book. There is enough information that you can understand each but not so much that you are bored.

I found myself really enjoying the folk tales about each creature, how they became and how they react. While this is not a book of stories, it does have short ones. This is a book of discovery, research and knowledge.

Book Blurb for A Field Guide To Demons, Vampires, Fallen Angels and Other Subversive Spirits

The field guide to some of the most horrific and fascinating creatures found in mythology and legend.

Did you know the Mbulu of South Africa has a razor sharp tail with a mind of its own? Or that the Kuru-Pira of Brazil has eyes that glow like embers, and fangs ripping from its mouth? In this updated edition of A Field Guide to Demons, Carol and Dinah Mack bring to life some of the most horrific and fascinating creatures ever described in mythology and legend. With a deft pen and global perspective, the Macks profile over ninety bogies including: mermaids, ghouls, vampires, kelpies, werewolves, and more.

Readers will delight in exploring the origin, characteristics, and cultural significance of each creature. Organized by "habitat," this book will entertain readers of all ages, while shedding light on religious and cultural ideals from around the world. With vivid details and highly researched entries, A Field Guide to Demons is a must have for academics, writers, students, and anyone interested in mythology or the occult.

40 black-and-white illustrations

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 4.50