A Cowboy Christmas

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A Cowboy Christmas

Harlequin American Romance #1288

It’s a busy Christmas season in Junket, TX. This book has two special Christmas stories concerning best friends and neighbors. Each has loved and lost but a magical time of the year is upon them. Will they get the gift of love this year?
A Christmas Baby
Logan Taylor is a rancher. He had married his high school sweetheart and thought life was good until his wife and unborn child were killed just before Christmas, almost a year ago. Since then, he pretty much had lost interest in life though his good friend, Fletcher McFadden, keeps dragging him into it. Still, Logan really isn’t interested in looking for another wife or even spending time with another woman. He just wants to be left alone. In the past year, he hasn’t been out much at all except for that one night in September when he got drunk at the Roadhouse.
Cassidy Ortiz really didn’t want to be making this drive. If it wasn’t for the fact that Junket, TX had fewer than 300 residents she probably wouldn’t be making it but with that few people Logan would find out fairly quick that she was pregnant. That night in September wasn’t planned. Cassidy had gone to the Roadhouse to dance but when Logan was too drunk to drive home, she took him home. It was only right that she stayed to make sure he was going to be okay and when he reached out for his wife, Cassidy was hard put not to respond. Now, she was pregnant and having to tell a man who didn’t even remember the event that the child is his. Sometimes life just isn’t fair.
Logan may not remember the event but he knows Cassidy wouldn’t lie to him. He has no desire to enter into a relationship with her but is more than willing to help her financially. While Cassidy didn’t expect Logan to be trilled, she didn’t expect the coldness that greeted her. Even though she could use Logan’s money, she wants Logan in this child’s life more. 
Tempers flare as each deals with this unexpected pregnancy in their own way. Logan learn Cassidy has more than an unplanned pregnancy to worry about as her mother has Alzheimer and Cassidy is the only one who can watch her. Christmas is coming along with Logan’s wife’s death anniversary. Will anything get resolved before the baby is here?
Marry Me Cowboy
Fletcher McFadden has an unruly son that just can’t keep out of trouble. It’s gotten worse in the past year after his wife, Sandi left him for a bull rider. Though it’s been less than a year since the divorce became final, Fletcher is ready to start looking for someone. He’s found a possible woman on MySpace named Daisy. He’s going to meet her in town and see where it goes. 
Fletcher’s blind date with Daisy doesn’t go. However, Fletcher does run into his high school sweetheart, Darla Baker. He always figured Darla and he would get married, have kids and live happily ever after but during a break in their relationship, Fletcher screwed up and that was the end of his chances with Darla. 
Darla is in town for a cousin’s baby’s christening. She doesn’t expect to run into Fletcher. Though Darla has been engaged 3 times, she’s never tied the knot. No one seems to live up to what she had had with Fletcher. When she gets invited out to the ranch for dinner, she accepts as she once was as close to Fletcher’s family as she was to her own. 
The attraction is still there between Darla and Fletcher but there’s more holding them apart than being caught making out at the drive-in with another girl. Fletcher’s son wants him to get back with Sandi while Fletcher is glad she is gone. In the meantime, he’s going to be ugly to any female that comes into the house with his dad. Darla is an environmental lawyer and works in the city. She loves her job and it’s not one that you can do just anywhere. Fletcher is needed on the ranch as his father is too old to do it by himself. With everything that should be keeping them apart, can Fletcher and Darla find a way to come together?
These two stories happen during the same time frame in the same little town yet do not really overlap each other. Each is a separate story and can be enjoyed individually or together. As they come together, I’d read both!
The characters are done well. Fletcher and Logan aren’t just ranchers. You get to know the person behind the job. They have wants and dreams and though neither are real talkative, you learn a bit about what’s behind the good looking guy. Darla and Cassidy have lives that don’t include these men. This is expressed and their ability to stand on their own two feet is firmly noted. What is also noted is their love for their men and the compromises they are willing to make. Even Sandi is given enough personality as to not be a flat uninteresting character that is talked about but has no life.
Neither story is extremely long but in those few pages there is a big punch. They are both fast paced with problems and real life intertwined among romance and loving. Though you are fairly sure that each will end with a happily ever after, how their going to get there isn’t going to be a super easy path. The struggles only endear the characters more to the reader and when Christmas gets here, a joyous time is had.
These are great Christmas stories about unexpected gifts and love that comes from expected places. They’re perfect for that break from the holiday rushing and will give you renewed faith that things can and will work out.

Book Blurb for A Cowboy Christmas

This title includes two short stories: A CHRISTMAS BABY and MARRY ME, COWBOY

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 4.25