A Christmas Affair

Ransom Canyon

The worse thing I can say about this story is it was way too short. I really wanted more and was very disappointed when the story ended. However, most of that was because this is a really good story with fantastic characters that you just don’t want to leave. Maria and Wes were introduced in the previous book and even then you wanted to know more about them. Maria is a terrific chef who happens to be blind. Being blind does not stop her from enjoying life. Wes is a shy man who owns a grocery store. He is almost overlooked by most people. And then you are introduced to Travis and his three uncles. This is almost a story in itself. That’s why this story just doesn’t seem long enough. There is so much going on that you want to know what next. Though some of the dialog seems a bit unnatural, the actions and emotions feel very real. This is a wonderful Christmas story that can be read any time of the year because it’s an even better love story. This is part of Ms. Thomas’s Ransom Canyon series and glimpses of characters from her other books will be seen in this story. But, this story does stand alone so if you want a great short story with unique main characters, pick this story up and start reading.

Wes has been attracted to Maria since she started bringing her homemade jellies and jams into his store. He’s tried to approach her but she doesn’t seem to be interested. When Maria suddenly starts making moves on Wes, he’s not sure if he’s shocked or thrilled. Regardless, he sure isn’t going to turn her down! Travis is being sent to stay with three elderly uncles that he’s never met. He really doesn’t care because as soon as he’s 16 and can drive, he’s running away and starting his own life. However, his uncles aren’t what he expects and neither is the town of Crossroads. Will this change his mind?

Book Blurb for A Christmas Affair

A shy soul and an adventurous heart. As the holidays approach, can they find happiness together?

Maria Anne Davis was on her way to an exciting career as a chef in Dallas, until a terrible car accident left her blind. Ever resilient, Maria has reinvented her life on her own terms, starting a business out of her home kitchen, selling her jams and jellies to the local grocery.

Maria loves romance novels, and despite her bold spirit, she fears she’ll never have a big love affair like ones her heroines experience. That is, until she realizes how much she cares about the quiet Wes Whitman, the owner of the grocery.

Wes can’t keep Maria’s wildly popular jam on his shelves—just like he can’t keep the fierce, beautiful Maria out of his thoughts. But how could a firecracker like Maria come to love a shy, nervous man like him? Maybe all they need is a grand affair. Wes needs to convince Maria that some affairs last forever, though—just in time for Christmas.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2017 4.50