Woodrow for President

A Tail of Voting, Campaigns, and Elections

Woodrow for Resident, a children's book written by Peter and Cheryl Barnes, is an amusing book featuring Woodrow G Washingtail. Woodrow is a civic minded mouse that decides he wants to run for president of the United Mice of America. The book introduces children to campaigning, voting, volunteering and more. While this was a fun and entertaining book, it was very educational at the same time. There was also a contract for voting that could be used between Parents and their children as well as activities in every illustration.

Giving this children's book a rating of a 4.0, both myself and my daughter enjoyed this book very much. It's a concise and entertaining overview of American politics that would draw any child grades K through 4 into the story. Even more so it's sparked an interest in my child to learn and read more about the electoral process while studying each individual president. A must have for any parent's library.

Book Blurb for Woodrow for President

Election year is upon us and what better way to teach children about campaigning, voting, and the election process than through Cheryl and Peter Barnes’ critically-acclaimed book Woodrow for President!

Featuring Woodrow G. Washingtail, a civic-minded mouse with presidential ambitions, Woodrow for President follows Woodrow as he runs for president of the United Mice of America.

Taking children on a journey from Woodrow’s schoolmouse days full of hard work and community service to his time as governor of Moussouri to his bid for president of the United Mice of America, Woodrow for President introduces children to campaigning, elections, volunteering, and more through this fun—and educational—story of one mouse’s dream to become the nation’s ?Big Cheese.”

Featuring a contract for voting between parents and kids as well as fun activities such as ?find the secret service agent” in every illustration, Woodrow for President is perfect for any child in K-4 who might one day aspire to be the ?Commander in Cheese.”

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 4.00