Platypus Police Squad

The Frog Who Croaked

Platypus Police Squad is a children's mystery book by Jarrett J. Krosoczka. Featuring platypus police detectives Rick Zengo and Corey O'Malley who get a call about a crime down at the docks. The missing school teacher and a duffle bag full of illegal fish are what they are in search of. With Zengo being an eager rookie and O'Malley being a seasoned detective with an interest of hot dogs, the two have to put their differences aside to solve the case.

Reading this novel with my 10 year old daughter, it was a great fast reading story that kept her interested and always wanting to see what happened next. When we were finally finished with the last page her view was that it was good with a side of awesomeness. The pictures were like a comic film noir. Again another thumbs up from my daughter. All in all I give Platypus Police Squad a raving review and a rating of 5.

Book Blurb for Platypus Police Squad

Platypus Police Squad: The Frog Who Croaked is the first in a series of zany, action-packed middle-grade mysteries featuring platypus police detectives Rick Zengo and Corey O’Malley.

When a call comes in about a crime down at the docks involving a missing schoolteacher and a duffle bag full of illegal fish, Zengo and O’Malley are going to have to learn to set their differences aside if they want to get to the bottom of this. Especially when the clues all point to Frank Pandini Jr., Kallamazoo’s first son and its most powerful, well-respected businessman.

Fans of Adam Rex, Jon Scieszka, and Jarrett J. Krosoczka’s own Lunch Lady graphic novels will flip for Jarrett’s new series of illustrated middle-grade novels.

Ages: 8 – 12 Grade level: 3 – 7

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 5.00