His Need Her Desire

Dominating BDSM Billionaires, #1

His Need Her Desire, written by Malia Mallory, is a short story about Tabitha Quinn who sets out on a Hawaiian vacation. While not expecting anything to happen other than the typical tourist type activities, Tabitha finds herself wrapped up in a whirlwind of emotions, unknown desires and none to typical sex with a billionaire businessman by the name of Marcus Granger.

Being the first in a series of two stories, His Need Her Desire sets the stage for a wonderful quick read that leads well into the second story by the name of His Desire Her Surrender. While normally, I find myself not enjoying the shorter stories as much as longer more detailed novels of over 200 pages, this particular story drew me in, gave plenty of detail to hold my interest and was something that I read from cover to cover in a half hour.

With as good as it was, I definitely would love to have the author expand on this while getting more in depth with the characters personalities and background. What drives them to be the way they are? How did their past shape their present and future? There are so many things that left me wanting for a larger book to sink myself into while getting lost in the pages of a full length novel.

All in all, I give this a 4 stars must read even if it's for the enjoyment of getting lost in a good book on a quiet Sunday afternoon...all alone.

Book Blurb for His Need Her Desire

Tabitha Quinn didn't come to Hawaii to be spanked. But when vacationing businessman Marcus Granger saves her from drowning, they begin an affair that moves from the beach to the bedroom and straight into an experience Tabitha's never had before: dark-haired, blue-eyed Marcus is a dominant, and spanking is just the beginning. The sex is intense, the emotion even more so, until they both must decide if this is a holiday fling or the real thing.

Notice: This book is erotic romance fantasy fiction. It contains explicit depictions of consensual BDSM sexual acts including oral sex, sexual intercourse, masturbation, paddling, spanking, bondage, sensation play, wax play, ice play, temperature play, and blindfolding. It is intended for mature audiences only (18+). Enjoy!

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 4.00