Silent Howl

The Blue Bloods Series, Book Two

Rynn’s life has gone through some drastic changes over the last few weeks. She was attacked and changed into a werewolf, found a soul mate and then nearly killed by a crazed wolf. Things are finally settling down and she’s only too happy to enjoy the calm. The peace, however, is very short lived when some werewolves are murdered and no clue is left as to who the killer is. As a Blue Blood with the gift of an advanced sense of smell, Rynn is put on the case with the hope that she’ll be able to solve the mystery and put an end to the violence. Will she be able to find the strength to deal with the bloodshed or will her new ability forever destroy the fragile peace she is only just starting to find?

Briggs in madly in love with his new mate and happier than he’s ever been. Rynn is everything he could ever ask for in a mate and he’s filled with pride over her resiliency and strength to overcome the suffering she endured as a result of her attack and transformation. All he wants to do is keep her safe and happy forever, but their newfound peace is disrupted when Rynn is asked to help solve a series of murders. Briggs’ fierce desire to protect Rynn brings out his alpha wolf and he discovers he has no control over it. Will Rynn’s wolf respond to his new aggression, or will it finally be the thing that breaks her?

With every book I read, I fall more and more in love with Stacey Kennedy. It doesn’t matter the series; she continues to deliver consistent quality and irresistible plots. Her stories are rich with passion and a completely unique mythology. Kennedy’s characters never fail to draw you in and are nothing but enjoyable. This second book in her Blue Blood’s series has sealed my love for Briggs and he has certainly gained my allegiance. His intense passion for Rynn coupled with his desperate desire to keep her safe is what has made him my hero. Rynn is the definition of strength and continues to be one of my favorite heroines of any series. The bond between she Briggs may be new, but you can practically feel the strength of it through the pages. Silent Howl was enticing from the first page to the last and comes highly recommended by this reader.

Book Blurb for Silent Howl

Rynn Murphy’s a werewolf and she’s in a state of bliss--her junkie parents are in recovery for their drug addiction. Her Grandfather, Pops, who has Alzheimer’s is settled into a nursing home in Utah. She’s just witnessed the bonding ceremony of her friends, Nexi and Kyden from the Otherworld. With her mate, Briggs by her side, life can’t get any better.

That is, until Rynn is brought to Philadelphia. As a Blue Blood werewolf, she’s been given a special gift to possess a strong scent. After horrific murders take place in the Pennsylvania territory, Rynn must use this ability to seek the killer.

The task does not come easily and Rynn struggles. The human in her flees from danger. The wolf in her is desperate to end the killer’s murderous rampage. Rynn must reconcile the two halves while these murders begin to cross State lines. Soon, danger is all around them. Rynn will have to decide what is more important--the human who remains in her or the wolves she has sworn to protect… 

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 5.00