Seismic Evil

Chance Monroe is a hedge witch, and as such, it is her sacred duty to care for the earth. When a series of catastrophic earthquakes begin, Chance becomes concerned that she is the one responsible. She would never purposely hurt the earth or it's inhabitants, but perhaps she has not fully recovered from her recent trauma, and that is what's causing her to lose control. It is only with the support of her lover, Jack, her guardian, Jamie and her best friend, Sydney that Chance is coping. Is it possible she is unknowingly causing the destruction, or is something much more sinister going on?

With every story I read, Heather Long continues to show why she belongs on my must reads list. Her stories are full of personality, with unique plots and fascinating characters. Chance Monroe may just be one of my new heroes. She is one tough lady, who, time after time, took a licking and continued to pick herself up and fight back. Jack completely stole my heart. With his patience, love and devotion to Chance, how could I not adore him? The connection between he and Chance was practically tangible and their love was obvious. Long was able to show the depth of their passion for each other without needing to be overly explicit, and she did it well. Seismic Evil had plenty of action with a great cast of characters and I greatly enjoyed it.

Book Blurb for Seismic Evil

Hedge Witch Chance Monroe has a problem: earthquakes throughout the region damage bridges and roads, leave masses injured, and create havoc for Chance’s mental stability as well as her powers.  When the earth shudders, Chance trembles. When the earth bucks from pressure, Chance bruises. When the earth cracks, Chance bleeds.

And when Ava, a witch with her sights on driving Chance insane, manipulates the earthquakes to break Chance's magical and spiritual bond to the earth, Chance faces her greatest fight.

A fight for her life and the land that nourishes her power. Chance has the support of powerful friends and the passion of a determined ex-lover backing her, but if Ava succeeds, thousands could die.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.00