It has been hundreds of years since Kestrel lost Castigan, the dragon she was bonded to, but she has never recovered from the loss. Outcast from the spellcaster community and relegated to a useless job in the Athenaeum library, Kestrel finally decides to make the long journey to the Blaze Mountain and seek forgiveness from the dragon king. What she finds is Andrik, a man with whom she has an inexplicable connection and a soul-deep recognition; a man who impossibly can change into a dragon. Is it possible Kestrel's dragon has returned to her, or is she so desperate to find happiness again that she is seeing a connection where there is none?

A story of a love that transcends death, Dragonkin was beautiful. Crymson Hart created a delightful world filled with magic that had me wishing dragons were real. The emotional connection between Kestrel and Andrik was obvious and the chemistry was sizzling hot. I was enchanted by the two of them and I longed for more. My heart ached with Kestrel over her loss and I rejoiced in her happiness. Andrik was smokin' hot and the intensity of his passion had me suffering from a mild case of Kestrel envy. Truly, Dragonkin is a story that is sure to warm the hearts of many a reader and steam many a window and it comes highly recommended by this reader.

Book Blurb for Dragonkin

Word Count: 39,000

Dragons and spellcasters mate for life. The connections they form are beyond the physical. Kestrel had such a bond and lost it. For five hundred years, she had been alone. Then she meets Andrik, the dark, brooding prince. Drawn to him like no other, she isn’t sure how he will react if she confides in him about her sordid history.

Andrik feels the same pull toward Kestrel, but can’t reconcile his past. Torn between his duties and his feelings, he defies the king to tell her the truth. Together they embark on a harrowing quest to save the kingdom and themselves.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2011 4.50