You Slay Me

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You Slay Me

Aisling Grey, Guardian, Novel - Book 1

You Slay Me is one of my most favorite books - of all time! This book will never leave my life.

You Slay Me is book 1 in the Aisling Grey Guardian Novels.

Aisling believes that she is a normal human woman, but she is a lot more. When Aisling sent by her uncle to deliver a package to a woman in Paris everything changes. The woman is dead when Aisling arrives and she meets Drake Vireo at the scene of the crime.

Drake says he works for the government - and he did a long time ago. Drake also asked Aisling about her being a Guardian. Aisling has no idea what he is talking about. Soon, Aisling will know exactly what Drake is talking about and how she is part of the paranormal world.

Aisling is questioned by the police and then she trackes down Drake. Aisling must clear herself or she might go down for the murder of the woman.

Drake is also more than he seems. Drake is the head of the Green Dragons - yes Dragons - real Dragons. Way hot Dragons. After a passionat kiss - Drake knows that Aisling is his mate, but Aisling is not going to follow like a puppy after him.

With Drakes help Aisling will become way more than she ever thought possible.

Book Blurb for You Slay Me

Aisling Grey is a courier enjoying a free, work-related trip to Paris when she learns she's a Guardian. That's a keeper of the Gates of Hell, for those who don't know. She finds this out from Drake Vireo, who's scrumptiously sexy-at least in his human form. Now Drake has stolen the package Aisling was sent to deliver, and she must track him down, get the package, and try to resist the passion boiling inside her.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2007 5.00