Wrong Side Of Love

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Wrong Side Of Love

Wayback Texas

Are you looking for a Texan hunk to take a hold of your heart? Well, Sylvie Kaye has one that might just steal it.
Lucas Fremont is the mayor of Wayback Texas. His is just one in a long line of Wayback Fremont mayors. Being the mayor is just something he was made to do, of course there was just no way that anyone without a Fremont name could possibly take up the mantel of mayor. What is he to do when the love of his life wants to kick up her heals and move to big old Austin?
Lili Marlene is ready to pack-up her bags, sell her portion of the local beauty shop and be on her way to the music capital of the world, Austin. Only two things are tying her to Wayback. One being that she needs the money from the beauty shop to invest in her new Austin place and Wayback’s hunky mayor, Luc. But Luc is not enough of a distraction to keep her in small town Texas. Once Lili gets to Austin will the city be enough to make her life complete?
Wrong Side of Love is a fun rodeo romp set in the cute inviting town of Wayback, Texas. It’s has just enough heat to get you going and characters that could live off the pages. Oh, and don’t forget Luc. He will have you searching for your own Texan and maybe even purchasing a house down south.
You can find more Wayback stories through The Wild Rose Press. Each has its Wayback connection, but can be read alone. So, take on some cowboys and get yourself the Wrong Side of Love and then follow it up with more hunky Wayback characters.


Book Blurb for Wrong Side Of Love

Lili Marlene is hell-bent to get out of Wayback. To anyplace where sports, music, and culture don't center around cows or rodeos. Two things stand in her way, the down payment on a new business and Luc Fremont, the mayor of Wayback. Luc has two birthday wishes. To stay aboard the meanest bull at the Wayback Rodeo for eight seconds and to make it with Lili. One of many generations of Wayback mayors, Luc loves the town, his homestead, and, to his exasperation, Lili. She won't commit to stay and a mayor doesn't live elsewhere.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 4.00