Wizard of Time

The book Wizard of Time included three romantic relationships. The main relationship was between the Wizard of Time (Trevor Rains) and a beautiful witch (Morgan). The second between King Artimer and Tessa Rains. The third relationship is between the wizard Jordan and his co-worker Drussy. Drussy and Jordan work at the same school Trevor did.

While in school Trevor, a wizard of smaller proportions, fell deeply in love with Morgan. She did not return his love and spurned him. Trevor leaves town and goes and works for a school. Trevor develops into the gorgeous Wizard of Time.

Everyone is loosing their magic and it's Morgan and Trevor's job to find out what the problem is and then return things to normal. Also, the seasons seem to be going in reverse. What's causing the magic and seasonal changes?

Trevor returns to his hometown and starts working with Morgan. Trevor has a big problem! He has been harboring a grudge against Morgan for years. He plans to pay her back by seducing her and then leaving her in tatters. She needs to feel what he felt - she hurt him and he will make her pay. Could Trevor be effecting time with his anger? How will they set time and magic back to normal?

Wizard of time by Ciar Cullen was a sensual and funny erotic story. I loved the funny interactions with Trevor's "Dragon" and how Trevor learned that he needed to give up his anger. To be happy Trevor needed to move on and have the relationship he always dreamed of. He wanted to be Morgan's everything during school and now he has that opportunity. They are grown up now and need to be together. Life, magic, and time just do not run smoothly if these two are not in sync. The Wizard of time was hilarious, fun, and sensually stimulating. Give this book a try if you love to laugh!

Book Blurb for Wizard of Time

The sexiest, most powerful wizard alive is screwing up royally! Time and magic and all of Castle Borough depend on Trevor Rains, but he's blinded by his sexual obsession with a local sorceress. Morgan is deeply in love with her childhood friend, but Trevor is proving to be a love 'em and leave 'em mage.

And his pet lizard Gideon is furious — when is Trevor going to fix magic and the spell that will make Gideon a dragon?

At the Castle, King Artimer is smitten with the sexy siren sent to loosen him up. But Tessa Rains doesn't expect the gorgeous ruler to turn the tables on her when she pulls out all the accoutrements of love — ropes, whips and chains!

Publisher Note: This book was previously published elsewhere.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2007 3.75