Wing and Tongue

I just finished reading Wing and Tongue last night and from the first page I new it was going to be good. I pulled me in and I read it in one sitting. K.Z. created a fantasy world that was so real that you could touch and live in it. The customs of the land were unique and inspiring. Let me tell you a bit about the place and it's people.

The Dragon Callers hold a special place in society and are revered. All the callers are men and they have a very sacred way of choosing brides. The bride cannot know of the man's interest and she has to pass some tests. The callers want to make sure that their intended brides are not marrying just for wealth and position. They also want to make sure their brides don't have a preference for some other lover.

When the Dragon Caller Belkyr chooses a woman he would like to take as bride it sets in motion the testing of his interned. In a ceremony two other men are chosen to test out Belkyr's intended Elrisa. The two Dragon Callers chosen are Treu and Kdar. All three men will spend an intimate interlude with Elrisa and she will have to decide whom she most enjoyed. If that man is Belkyr they will marry, if not Elrisa can petition to marry the other man. Elrisa will not be told of that if she chooses a man who is not her intended that she can petition for his hand.

Treu is at a point where he is restless in his life, but he's not sure why or what to do, while Kdar is happy. A couple of years ago Treu had a wonderful experience while at a passion house and life has not been the same.

Elrisa is a low class woman and a weaver. She is very good at her trade, but has always wanted to be a Dragon Caller. When she receives a note saying a Dragon Caller would like to join with her she sees an opportunity and decides she can figure out what man chose her, even if the man she most enjoys is not her intended she will choose the man who will fulfill her dreams even if she has to give up a man she comes to love.

Will Elrisa find out that her intended is the man who wants to marry her? Will one of the other men be the man she really would like to marry? Will Elrisa choose to follow her heart or her desire to be a Dragon Caller? Pick-up a copy of Wing and Tongue to find out how Elrisa deals with this complicated situation and why I found this book so temptingly delicious.

In my mind K.Z. Snow is synonymous with books that are very different and very good. If you want to read a story like no other pick up a book by K.Z. as you will experience something that is extraordinary and way outside the box. Wing and Tongue fulfilled all of my expectations and I'm sure the hero will fulfill are your needs. Like Elrisa, you will have to experience the book to find out which of the three men fulfill those needs.

Book Blurb for Wing and Tongue

Elrisa hungers to be the first female Dragon Caller in the Order of Wing and Tongue. When a member of the Order wants to marry her, it seems the perfect opportunity to realize her dream.

But getting to the wedding won't be easy. To test the level of attraction and compatibility between would-be bride and groom, Elrisa must have sexual encounters with three members of the brotherhood, one of whom will be the man who chose her. Problem is, she doesn't know who chose her. If she's drawn to any Caller other than he, the marriage is off.

Even if she deduces her suitor's identity, what if she truly wants one of the other two men? Should she follow her ambition…or her heart?

Reader Advisory: Contains a scene of m/m sex.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 5.00