Whispered Intent

Jenny, a speech therapist, is experiencing a bout of low self-esteem. Her ex-boyfriend treated her horribly and cleared out her bank account. Now Jenny no longer believes herself beautiful to the masculine sex. It's going to take a lot to change her mind.

When Jenny receives a mysteries note she is a bit scared. The note tells her to go to the old laundry room and face away from the door. She has an admirer who is shy. He just wants to spend some "quality" time with her for $100. Well, Jenny needs the money and after a few drinks the note starts turning her on. She heads to the laundry room and the book really heats up from there. Blind folded and at her admirers mercy she experiences many wicked and pleasurable things. Jenny soon learns that she has a real wild and kinky side.

Ryan Cosgrove has recently become a patient of Jenny's and he wants to go out with her. Ryan is so sweet and the nicest guy ever. Jenny normally doesn't mix business and pleasure, but Ryan is adamant that he will not continue with his speech therapy seasons if she doesn't go out with him. So, Jenny starts dating Ryan and they developed a very strong loving bond.

Having a secret admirer with benefits and dating Ryan becomes a real problem. Jenny wants to break off the relationship with her admirer, but she believes Ryan will run screaming if she tells him about her kinky side. How will Jenny take care of her wild kinky side and still have her precious loving Ryan by her side?

Whispered Intent is a nock your socks off, sexy as hell, story that will have you begging for more. The sex scenes are explosive and will keep you on the edge of your seat. The characters captured my heart and made me feel for their situations all the way through. The situations were highly emotional and pulled at my heartstrings. With so much emotion and sexual tension I had to read this book in one sitting. Oh baby, this one is a well-written scorcher.

Book Blurb for Whispered Intent

Jenny Oliver is so emotionally wounded following a bad breakup that she feels like the living dead -- until the day an anonymous note containing a proposition is slipped under her door. Initially, she's shocked and alarmed, but, eventually, despite the possible danger, she follows the note's instructions and encounters the enigmatic author, although she never actually sees him. He approaches from behind, speaking in a whisper, and proceeds to touch, seduce and arouse her before disappearing as mysteriously as he appeared. It's the beginning of a relationship that will unleash dark desires and hidden passion -- for Jenny and her secret admirer.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 5.00