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Cutter Cay Book 6

"Whirlpool" is one of my favorite books of 2018. Even though it's the sixth book in the Cutter Cay series it can fully stand alone. I've not read any of the other books, but I now want to.

Anyone looking for a fast paced adventure needs to pick this one up. The heroine, Persephone Case, made this book shine. She's a deep sea treasure salvager. She's also a tough woman with deep family problems. Some of those problems become center stage as the plot unfolds. In the end it's all about family with this book.

"Whirlpool" mostly takes place while on Finn Gallagher boats. Finn is Persephone's love interest, but there are some big... no huge secrets that Persephone is keeping from him. Can these two find a love that can survive these secrets? Can they save the world?

On the darker side Cherry Adair has written in a cult that believes an apocalypse is coming. Their leader is truly evil and when things really get going you want him eliminated. This plot element helps drive the story forward as you keep wondering when they will strike and make themselves known. They want the tablets that Persephone and the Cutters have salvaged from some shipwrecks. Finn Gallagher is a sponsor of the Cutter's and Persephone also has some HUGE secrets she's keeping from them.

Through the book you cheer Persephone on and hope she can find a solution to her problems. You want her to be able to find the right time and words to come clean. How that all works itself out is pure genius on Cherry Adair's part.

I just LOVED this book. It has lots of elements that readers of the prior books will enjoy. You get to see how all the Cutter's are doing and how the babies are coming along.

Book Blurb for Whirlpool

A Love For The Ages...

Secrets & Lies

Treasure hunter Persephone Case is very good at what she does. But she’s even better at pirating, and the Cutter brothers are her only targets. For years, she’s played a game of cat and mouse in an attempt to get them to confront her. But it isn’t until she meets their new partner—and her wicked one weekend stand, Finn Gallagher, that she’s truly caught.

Artifacts Worth Killing For

Billionaire Finn Gallagher has a lot of interests--sunken treasures, space travel--and the fiery redhead who scorched a place in his mind and libido one weekend in Buenos Aires. So imagine his surprise when he finds her onboard his gigayacht, Blackstar, acting as an official for the Ministry of Antiquities. Convenient, because he can’t keep his hands off her.

An Ancient Prophesy

Unfortunately, what Persephone can’t seem to keep her hands off of are the golden tablets discovered on the ancient ship wrecks beneath the sea. Relics that foretell a dire prophesy. But Finn and Persephone aren’t the only ones after the tablets. Members of a radical Patagonian sect want the tablets too. And they’ll do anything to get their hands on them. Even kill...

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2018 5.00