What Wizards Want

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What Wizards Want

Sundown, Inc:

When a Pirate Queen is locked in an ocean float glass ball since 1723 she is pretty happy to get out, on the other had she is pissed at the fairy who did it. When Lily gets out she sees the man of her dreams latterly. She has been having very erotic dreams with a wizard for quite some time and now he is in the flesh. Were there dreams just sex or is there more to them? Will these two find love across time or are they even suited for each other? Will our wizard Con be able to handle a pirate queen or is she just too much for him?

What Wizards Want is part of the Sundown series, but it was not my favorite in the series. With that said, it was still a really fun book to read and I enjoyed Lily to pieces. Lily is a strong female character who rules ship and home. Don't you mess with Lilly; she will eat you for breakfast. Con was also a fun character and very entertaining. Overall, What Wizards Want was a nice addition to a series that I'm coming to really enjoy. Each story can be read without prior knowledge of subsequent books.

Book Blurb for What Wizards Want

Five Things You Never Knew About Wizards

1. You don't need all the proper crystal ball-type props to do real magic. Although things can get kind of interesting when you improvise.

2. There is no wizard academy full of jolly thrills and spills. You get pushed in at the deep end, and only the really lucky ones get a nose plug.

3. Faeries like wizards. The same way that humans like pack mules - except we're way kinder to pack mules.

4. We're not immune to a shapely female form, although sadly, they're not as available as I'd like.

5. Sometimes - just sometimes - we get things wrong. And when we do, the results can be pretty spectacular.

How many pirate queens have you freed lately?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 3.75