The Cat Star Chronicles, #2

Warrior is the second book in The Cat Star Chronicles.
The series is set in the future, off world. The world of Zetith has been destroyed, but a few of its inhabitants happened to be off world at the time. They are the last of their type, a race of beings who ooze sex appeal and have feline shaped features. Women just can’t resist their allure.
When Leo is brought to witch Tisana’s cottage he is a half-dead slave. Tisana’s ex-boyfriend, Rafe, drops Leo off. She tells Rafe to come back in one month for his slave. Leo heals more quickly than expected, but then again he is an alien being and she is unsure of what type of care he needs or is physiology. All she does know is that he is an attractive male and she has been without for a while.
Tisana’s family line is unique. On her planet of Utopia males inherit and females are just fluff. Her line is different in that they only have female children and only one. Each child has their own set of “powers”. Tisana can talk to animals and play with fire. These skills need to be kept secret, but telling a few can help save the lives of precious children.
When Rafe’s children are abducted he calls upon Tisana to help him find them. With the help of Leo and Tisana they are able to follow a scent trail and get clues from the animals along the way. But things are not as they seem. Something didn’t feel right about Rafe’s wife to Leo. Rafe’s wife is the one who purchased Leo. Will the children come home safe? Will Tisana find a way to free Leo from slavery? Will Rafe be jealous that Tisana has moved on? And what about the other Zetithian people who are scattered about the galaxies? Will they find new families, each other or will their lives all end up in never ending slavery?
This was another great story by Cheryl Brooks. If you’re looking for something different, but well written then get her books. She has wonderful character and world building skills. Warrior was quite different than her first book, but just as good. Warrior is a book with style, sizzle and danger. Pick up your Zetithian today; just make sure you keep him free.

Book Blurb for Warrior

Second in the series, this sexy paranormal features a lovely witch with powers of healing, communicating with animals telepathically and fire-throwing, and an enslaved Zetithian warrior-a being from a planet where the people had a feline gene, making him sensuous, graceful, beautiful and remarkably virile.

Tisana is an alien/human hybrid living on the planet Utopia, an Earth colony founded by those looking to get back to a simpler, non-mechanized way of life more in harmony with nature. The witches of Utopia are only female, rarely marry, and will only bear one daughter with a special male referred to as Leo, one of a band of Zetithian warriors captured when his planet was destroyed, and sold into slavery throughout the galaxy, has been beaten nearly to death by his former master, and is brought by his new owner to TIsana to heal him. Tisana cares for Leo, who finally stops trying to escape and accepts her ministrations, which begin to include mesmerizing lovemaking...until the two are drawn into a rescue mission by Leo's new owner, whose sons have been kidnapped by a neighboring village lord. Pursuing the boys through snowstorms and sword fights, Tisana must locate them by communicating with the animal population, and she must find a way to win her new lover/beloved from the jealous man who would do anything to thwart her if he knew that Leo was her destined.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 4.00