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Jane's Warlord plus 3 other short stories

The book Warlord by Angela Knight is a compilation of the book Jane's Warlord and three other short stories. Jane's Warlord was published back in 2004 and was a huge hit. It was one of the first transition books that was part romance, part erotica. It was one of my first really steamy / erotic romance books. Jane's Warlord was the book that made me think outside the romance box and move into reading more erotic novels. Way to go Angela, you converted me into a hussy.

Jane's Warlord is a time travel book that will have you squirming in your seat. Angela's characters take you for an amazing ride through time. Jane Colby, a reporter is in danger. There is a killer from the future that has targeted her as his next kill. A warlord from the future has been sent back in time to protect Jane. Along with the protection there comes a lot more. The Warlord and Jane both experience very intense feelings for each other. Expect some kink from these two!

Jane's Warlord is a great combination of story and eroticism. If you are into erotica you will love this and if you are into Sci-Fi romance this should be on your list, but expect to get a lot more kink than you might be used to. Ms. Knight really brings on the sexual fire in Jane's Warlord.

The other three short stories in Warlord are Warfem, The Warlord and the Fem and Baby, You've Changed.

Warfem takes place in the future and not on Earth. It's a true Sci-Fi experience. Alina Kasi is a Samurai Class Warfem and she has been genetically engineered. She is a war machine and much stronger than your average female. She has a special implant that kicks in and puts her into overdrive. When the implant kicks in she goes into what is called riaat. Riaat is a berserker state. Alina becomes very strong and can take on a lot more than a one on one combat situation. Two exceptions to this are a Warlord or a Tevan. When a Tevan goes after Alina the Warlord Baird comes to her rescue.

This is not the first time this Warlord and Warfem have met. Baird and Alina have history. In this Novella you will get to know each of them and their complicated and exquisitely sensual relationship. Hang on for an erotic ride as you zip into the future.

The Warlord and the Fem is a short story about Baird and Kyna. Kyna is afraid to mating with a Warlord. Baird tracks her to a ship that she is working on. This story is about equality, dominance and submission. Will Baird be able to make Kyna submit to him?

Baby, You've Changed is a very erotic story of a Warfem and a vampire. Gage Deauxville a human teenager and Tamir a Warfem were lovers, but Tamir tells Gage that she will never love a human, as they are too weak for her. She wants to be dominated by a man and Gage is just too weak to do that for her. Years later Gage is now a vampire and is back for revenge. Will these two find a meeting of the minds or will revenge be the course of the day? Be aware that this story is extremely hot and is not for the faint of heart.

All three of the short stories were great, but I loved the tension most in Baby, You've Changed. When Tamir and Gage get together you will be heading for the North Pole, as you will be fired up and need relief!

Book Blurb for Warlord

Together for the first time-the novel and novella that turned Knight into "a rising star in the paranormal pantheon." (In the Library Reviews)

Here in one volume are the complete novel Jane's Warlord and the novella "Warfem," which transport readers into an erotically charged time-warped world that will set their "blood on fire and have them begging for more." (In the Library Reviews)

In Jane's Warlord, reporter Jane Colby makes a startling discovery about a murder. The killer has struck before-hundreds of years in the past. He's jumped through time to find more victims and only Jane and Baran, a genetically engineered warrior, can stop him.

In "Warfem," a strange destiny reunites the seductive Warfem Alina with Baird, a sexually dynamic Warlord who already shared his lover's fantasies many years before.

Plus, as an added treat, Warlord includes two extra short stories never before seen in print.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 4.50