Twilight's Son

Fallen Angel, #1

Twilight’s Son is an interesting and down to earth look into the lives of reborn angels and their possible lives on earth. This novel has elements of romance and you will enjoy the struggle the hero and heroine go through.
Shade is a reborn angel. He was the Angel of Earth. He is now on earth in a human body. Not a child’s body, but in an adult male body. He still remembers being an angel. He chose to become human to follow the woman that he loves. His love, Brie, does not remember her past life.
Detective Brie Carter is a touch chick. She has a hard job and doesn’t want it any other way. She has several murders on her hands and they are strange. Along with that she has met an interesting and hot guy named Shade. There is something that pulls her to him and she has a feeling she has met him before. After first meeting Shade she soon finds him popping up all over, from a strip club to the hospital where her father goes.
On another front, we have Uriel. Uriel was the Angel of Judgment, but is now also in a human body. He is in a female body and is after Shade. His purpose of becoming human is to disrupt Brie and Shade getting together. He finds their union to be an abomination.
Twilight’s Son is a debut novel by Erin Sinclair. Mrs. Sinclair has an adept hand at character building and strings the reader along through twists and turns. I didn’t know who the killer was until very close to the books end. The suspense part of the book was just that. One part that made the book interesting, but didn’t take over the whole storyline. Mrs. Sinclair made Brie into a woman who many woman would want to be. Brie is a woman who is willing to take on the world, but also wants to include romance in the mix. Shade was a wonderful hero with a compassionate heart. He went after the woman he loved even when it took him to a completely different existence. Who couldn’t love a guy who went so far for love? I hear that this is going to just be the first book in a series and I’m looking forward to continuing along.

Book Blurb for Twilight's Son

First class homicide investigator, Lieutenant Detective Brie Carter, is falling in love with an angel. Brie is the former heavenly companion of Ezekiel, Angel of Earth, guardian to human beings. She chooses to serve humanity by returning to the physical world as a police officer in Denver, Colorado, while Ezekiel stays angelic. When he realizes he does not want to exist without her, he descends and becomes human, now calling himself Shade, as he is only a shadow of his former self.

The love Shade holds for his beautiful counterpart is potentially endangering her mortal life when his choice to become human does not sit well with Uriel, the Archangel of Judgment, who believes their union to be an abomination. The Archangel descends to Earth to stop the lovers at all costs, even if it means Brie’s demise. Both angels soon learn, to become human has very powerful consequences, not only for those they become involved with, but for them. Will Shade and Brie’s love for one another withstand the pressures of human existence? Will they be able to resist the implacable Archangel of Judgment while guided by the greatest reward humanity has ever received – the gift of free will?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 4.00