'Tween a Devil and His Hard Place

Dancin' With the Devil, #2

`Tween a Devil & His Hard Place by Sam Cheever was another hit for me. All her characters are vividly written and some of those royal devils will make your heart pound. Some of the royals and non-royals will also have you quaking in your shoes. For a fun, lusty and adventuresome character you can't go wrong with Astra Q. Phelps. Nope she won't tell you want the Q. means and you if you ask you cold be six feet under in seconds. Astra is a kick ass heroine and her story will have you reading like a fiend or devil. Astra's life is a novelty and you will just want to keep on reading to find out what happens next to her. Will an angel show up, a devil or maybe a Tweener. A Tweener is a person who is born part angel and part devil. Astra is a Tweener.

In this second book Astra's family is at the center of her problems and Prince Dialle is also involved. Every time they think they have a moment for some heightened passion someone shows up and stops the show. You will have to read the book to see how a royal devil responds to not getting any. I'm now and will always be an Astra Q. Phelps fan - You Astra!

The first book in the series is `Tween Heaven and Hell.

You should see the book flicks Sam Cheever had made -They are wonderful -

'Tween a Devil and His Hard Place


'Tween Heaven and Hell


Book Blurb for 'Tween a Devil and His Hard Place

Standalone sequel to 'Tween Heaven and Hell.

Astra Q Phelps and her Royal Devil, Prince Dialle, must navigate a demon uprising that is rumored to have been instigated by the local Witches' coven. The demons are demanding to be released from service to the Royals so they can have a seat on the Dark Council. When Dialle's father, the king, disappears from his chambers and Astra recognizes the magic signature that's left behind as her parents', she realizes her family has more to do with the unsettling events than she would have hoped. Then a very powerful angel and lifelong friend of the Phelps family tells Astra that her father is under suspicion of being a dark angel and Astra is forced to spy on her own father to try to clear him. It's a whole mess of trouble for one little Tweener to sort through, but Astra Q Phelps is definitely up to the challenge.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 4.00