The Wishing Tree

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The Wishing Tree

The Wishing Tree is one of the sweetest stories I've ever read. It gives the reader a glimpse into the lives of three women who find true love. Each mini story builds upon the next as each generation finds love and family. With the help of a magical Christmas tree aka as the family heirloom each of their lives takes a different path than they foresee.
The first mini story starts off in 1958. Simone, a New York model, is getting ready to head out to her families winter home in Vermont. She has not found love, but her Savoy sports coupe in cherry red and white does please her a lot. While approaching her families winter home sheet finds a guy in a tree just up the road from where she has her car slide out. Will he be the love of her life?
Go forward to the year 1983. Simone is all grown up and has a family of her own. Her daughter Genevieve Jensen has recently lost her fiancé to a car accident. Genevieve is a teacher and doesn't know if she will go back to the school she was teaching at. While on holiday at her family winter house she spots a famous skier. Will love blossom in a time of despair?
Now move onto the future, pretty much present day. Genevieve has her own family now, including a daughter of her own. Her daughter Fiona Landis is a designer in NYC. Yes, like her grandmother she has ended up in the big apple. She's recently been through a bad relationship. Her boyfriend was too timing her. Her friend, Orlando is a fun guy who has a boyfriend who is flaking out on him. Fiona and Orland end up heading to her family's winter house. Will both Fiona and Orlando find the love of their lives? Will we have two happily ever afters? Well, yes…. but you will have to read this oh so sweet story to find out whom, what and where.
I highly recommend this story for anyone who loves a sweet timeless romance story.

Book Blurb for The Wishing Tree

A plain family heirloom—a Christmas tree crafted of chiseled gold laced with sparkling crystals known as The Wishing Tree—has been passed down to the women of the Miller family for generations. Legend has it if a heartfelt wish for true love is made on the tree, one's soul mate will be brought to them by mysterious happenstance.

1958. Simone Miller, top fashion model for the Astor Modeling Agency, is on a break between assignments and decides to meet with her family at their cabin in Vermont for the winter holidays. Joyful times are had by all for the entire week leading to Christmas Day where she inherits the ornament and all the possibilities the gift represents.

1983. Genevieve Jensen mourns the loss of her fiancé who died in a car accident two months prior to the holiday gathering of the Miller clan. At the insistence of her parents, she arrives at the Miller cabin, finds solace and comfort in their established traditions and begins to smile again, sharing in the love and laughter of her close knit family.

2008. Fiona Landis, top notch interior designer, barely makes it to the Miller family cabin to share in the holiday festivities. On Christmas morning Fiona's high-end sensibilities are put to the test when The Wishing Tree appears beside her, calling to the jaded young woman to make her wish.

Will Fiona break the cycle and reject The Wishing Tree? Or will she too succumb to the time honored tradition the women of the Miller clan have shared for well over a century?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2009 5.00