The Wicked Vampire

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The Wicked Vampire

Last True Vampire series, #6

Hero: Berserker Seeking Freedom

Heroine: Vampire Seeking Excitement

I've not read all the book in the Last True Vampire vampire series. This is book six and I feel it stands alone. So jump right into "The Wicked Vampire" if you like very gritty and vividly savage paranormal romance. This is a book for those readers who enjoy MMA where they fighters take a real beating. In this paranormal that beating is even more brutal and leads to death. We are talking blood, guts, head popping and paranormal vs paranormal in the cage. Are you ready for that? If yes, jump right into this novel and find out how two enemies become lovers...and then the romance builds to love. Kate Baxter brings this whole scene to vivid reality as you feel you are in the audience watching the violence take place.

Our heroine Sasha Ivanov is one of the last vampires on Earth. The Berserkers have pretty much eliminated all the vamps from the world. Sasha is seeking adventure and the wicked life. She's become a party girl, but even that lifestyle is becoming boring. It's time to take things up a notch and a friend invites her to a paranormal MMA. All the blood and guts flying is just what she needs to feel alive again. And when she's tethered to a berserker who is fighting in the cage things get even more heated.

Our hero, Ewan Brún, is conflicted. It's his job as a berserker to eliminate vampires. But there is something about Sasha that just won't let him kill her. At first he sees her just as a quick and mysterious hook-up. But things change and he has to make choices that put his heart and head on the line.

Both our hero and heroine had a chip on their shoulders and had to find a way to believe in each other.

I enjoyed "The Wicked Vampire" for being such a different paranormal romance. Kate Baxter moved the Brutal PNR scale up a notch for me. Kresley Cole gets there as well, but Kate broke the scale.

Book Blurb for The Wicked Vampire

The world melted away. Nothing mattered but this moment. His mouth on hers, the heat of his kiss, her own lightheadedness, and the way he awakened her.

If she had it her way, reality would never barge in to interrupt them again.

Sasha Ivanov is a vampire party girl, living life on the edge. Drinking, dancing, and hooking up--she’s tired of playing it safe. But when she finds herself tethered to a mortal enemy, she realizes she’s about to play the most dangerous game of all.

Ewan Brún’s existence has been steeped in violence. A berserker, he is viewed as nothing more than a mindless fiend in the supernatural world, and Ewan has no qualms with perpetuating that myth. Until he finds himself thrown into the company of a gorgeous vampire who claims he’s her mate. The stunning beauty is able to soothe the beast in his soul like no other ever could. But Sasha is his clan’s nemesis, and Ewan and Sasha must decide: is loyalty most important? Or could their budding love trump all?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2017 4.00