The Seven Sins of Ruby Love

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The Seven Sins of Ruby Love

Beyond, #3

Erin Quin swept me up and into the third book in her BEYOND series. Readers new to this series can start with this book, but I recommend the whole series. "The Seven Sins of Ruby Love" mentions prior characters but new readers won't feel lost without their stories. In this installment we have Ruby Love. The other books are about her siblings finding love.

Ruby is quite the character. She's always been the sibling who didn't have a connection to the Beyond, but things have changed. Since her brother died she's been seeing ghosts and just recently the ghost of her brother. But ghosts are not the only thing roaming the streets. Demons are also about.

In steps John Cassian to help out. He knows more about the Beyond than Ruby does and he makes Ruby feel safe in a world that is becoming eviler by the minute. But there is more to John than Ruby suspects and she might not be as safe as she thinks.

These two play off each other just right and they have a way of heating up a scene. I very much enjoyed getting to know Ruby and John and see where their attraction lead. John wasn't expecting to settle down, but Ruby was a relationship girl. In the end they find they both want that happily every after.

Book Blurb for The Seven Sins of Ruby Love

Ruby thought she was the ordinary sister in the Love clan—that is, until her dead brother searches her out and begs for her help. Along with him come others—not just other dead, but demons, too—and they are terrifying enough to alarm even someone with Ruby’s eerie family history. She turns to John Cassian, a successful-but-sketchy businessman who seems to know more about demons than is good for either of them. He agrees to help her save her brother’s soul, but Ruby knows he has motives of his own. He is too compelling, too sensual to resist, but even as he seduces Ruby’s body, she fears the consequences of trusting him. John is seeking revenge, but who or what has he targeted? And how can she love a man who frightens even the stuff of nightmares?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2017 4.50