The Pirate's Witch

Blood Prince Series, #6

Jump right into "The Pirate's Witch" and be swept into a fantasy adventure full of magic.

We have pirate Tyr Singlehand. Yes he just has one hand, but knows how to work it. Tyr isn't a handsome young pirate, but one with a quite a few years on him. I loved seeing a sexy hero with a bit of grey in his hair.

It's about time Tyr to retire and he's dreaming of apple orchards. He grew up on a farm and that's what is in his heart. But along the way he wants riches. If he can bring a firebird to an Ogre he will get coin and not face death. To get the firebird he needs the help of an Earth witch.

Our heroine Ingrid is a feisty Earth witch who disguises herself. But with some magic Tyr is able to see the sexy apple smelling woman beneath the magical disguise. He’s enchanted by her. She’s got the scent of apples and home. But Tyr is all about himself and that’s not sexy!

Tyr grows through the book and proves himself a man who can change and love others. I loved seeing this growth in him and believed by the end that he had changed.

I’m now dreaming of their happily ever after.

This is the sixth book in the Blood Prince series, but is totally separate. If I didn’t know it was connected I wouldn’t have even suspected it was part of a series. So this is a great launch book to more books set in the same lands.

Book Blurb for The Pirate's Witch

A fast-paced tale of kidnapping, desire, and second chances by USA Today bestselling paranormal romance author Jennifer Blackstream.

* Can be read as a stand alone.

Tyr is a pirate on a mission to catch the firebird. The penalty for failure? Death by ogre king. There is only one woman who can help him find the bird he needs to save his life.

Unfortunately for him, this beautiful woman is an earth witch, and utterly unwilling to be parted from the land that fuels her power. 

Unfortunately for her, a pirate only asks politely once... 

+ Cliffhanger-free 


Night Owl Reviews May, 2017 4.50