The Master

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The Master

A Novel of the Sons of Destiny - Book 3

There are 8 sons of Destiny and each is a twin. Jean Johnson will spin the tales of how each of these sons finds their mate. The Master is book 3 and focuses on Dominor the third born.

Dominor of Nightfall has been abducted and is being kept on a ship. He is a powerful mage and is being kept under lock and chain. He has cuffs on that prohibit him from using his magic. His captors want him to sire children in their country. Their hope is that these children will inherit Dominor's magic. For centuries more girls have been born with magic and something is amiss in the land.

The ship Dominor is being held on is captured and everyone has been deemed an enemy. Dominor is sold off as a slave to Serina. She is need of a strong mage to help her with a spell. Serina plans to break the spell that has created the inequality between the girls and boys. Centuries past a couple were having tantric sex in a powerful fountain and that was what caused the sorcerer / sorceress ration to change. Serina plans to recreate the same scenario and put things back to right. She gets Dominor to agree to her plan, but leaves out a few pertinent details.

Will Dominor and Seriana succeed in finding the correct ebb and flow to make the tantric spell work? Will their relationship develop beyond "work"?

The Master was a fun and sexy book. Since this was the third book Ms. Johnson spent some time filling us in on about the 8 brothers and how Dominor fit into the family. After hearing about the huge family of 8 I was on information overload. After getting through the family tree the book sped up and I just loved it. The characters were strong willed and fun to learn about. I loved how the heroin Serina was intelligent and how the hero Dominor found that appealing. The book was a fast read and a great addition to the series. I'll be looking forward to reading about the other 7 brothers.

Book Blurb for The Master

The Sons of Destiny series continues with the third sizzling romantic fantasy.

Eight brothers, born in four sets of twins, two years apart to the day-they fulfill the Curse of Eight Prophecy. To avoid tempting their destiny, the brothers are exiled to the Isle of Nightfall, where women are forbidden. But when the abducted third-born brother is taken by a powerful and beautiful mage, he wonders if she is his own Prophesied Disaster, his foretold wife-to-be...

Kidnapped from the Isle of Nightfall and taken captive by slavers, Dominor is sold to a lovely mage who promises freedom. But Lady Serina has plans for him; she needs another powerful mage to re-enact a mating ritual, to help reverse a Tantric spell cast centuries ago. Agreeing to help her, Dominor doesn't suspect the secret she holds back from him: there is more to this magical mating than the Arithmancer has revealed.

When that secret finally shatters, Dominor is determined to retake possession of the woman who is his destiny.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 4.00