The Emperor's Captive

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The Emperor's Captive

This was a great SF fantasy romance that is completely set in a different universe.

Many women have been paraded in front of the Emperor and he wants none of them. He likes his women with a bit of meat on their bones, strong of heart and with a kinky side. He just hasn’t been able to find all of those things in one woman. The Emperor is known as being a cruel man who loves war and capturing people. If he wants to keep his throne he must marry, but he doesn’t want to take on a wife that does nothing for him.

Emperor Tiberius the Wicked decided that he needed some fun, so he attacks a vessel and takes the people hostage. One among them is Lynda, a feisty woman who will let no one walk all over her. She teaches the Emperor a thing or two. Tiberius tries to tempt her with sex in exchange for her co-operation and surrender. When she will not surrender he finds more erotic things to sway her to his way. Will Lynda break under Tiberius’s sexual attack or will she sway him to her side? Will Tiberius loose his kingdom or will he find the woman to sit next to him on the throne?

Now this was a really hot off world romp. The characters were sexy and I loved how Lynda would not crack under everything that Tiberius sent her way. The sex was super hot and could have burned the floor. I’m sure Tiberius needed to purchase a new bed after this courtship. So, if you want some off world action with vivid and wonderful characters pick this book up.

Book Blurb for The Emperor's Captive

Major Lynda Ford has a serious problem. She's part of a decaying Republic that no long has the strength to protect itself from the reach of the Intergalactic Empire. So when she's taken prisoner by the flag ship, The Seductress, she vows to never surrender, no matter what they have planned for her.

But Lynda is in for a big surprise, for not only is she a captive of the empire, she's also the exclusive property of the Emperor Tiberius the Wicked himself. And the emperor always gets what he wants and is not above exquisite torture to do it.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 4.00