The Dream Thief

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The Dream Thief


The Dream Thief is the second book in Thief series and the plot evolves around the concept that dragons live in our world, but humans have forgotten they exist. Dragons keep to themselves and protect their cities fiercely. This second installment deals with a boy you would have met in the first book The Smoke Thief. Zane is now a fully-grown human man with a unique skill. He is a master thief and Lady Amelia Langford needs his help.

Lady Amelia is a dragon without power, but she has been hearing a calling for a long time. As the years go by she starts to hear the calling even more and other dragons do too. A special and powerful gem is calling them. The stone has the power to enslave dragons and they must get the stone before someone with will ill intend finds it or starts using it. Lia has also been dreaming and her dreams are of the future. She knows that her and Zane are to become lovers and that he is what is needed to save the dr kon. With Lia's hearing and Zanes's thief skills they have a good chance of finding the stone, but will Zane use the stone against the dragons or will his love for Lia be enough to keep him from using the power for his gain?

After reading The Smoke Thief I kept my sites open for the next book. The first was filled with dragons, magic and intrigue. Those are three elements that make up a very good story. In the Dream Thief you have the same three elements and it swept me away. The characters had great chemistry and I loved how both of them had their flaws. They were not perfect and that made the story so much more real. In future I'll keep my eyes pealed for more books by Shana Abe as she has a wonderful and magical way with words.

Book Blurb for The Dream Thief

In the remote hills of northern England lives a powerful clan with a centuries-old secret. They are the dr kon, shape-shifters who possess the ability to Turn-changing from human to smoke to dragon. And from the very stones of the earth, they hear hypnotic songs of beauty and wonder. But there is one stone they fear....

Buried deep within the bowels of the Carpathian Mountains lies the legendary dreaming diamond known as Draumr, the only gem with the power to enslave the dr kon. Since childhood, Lady Amalia Langford, daughter of the clan's Alpha, has heard its haunting ballad but kept it secret, along with another rare Gift....

Lia can hear the future, much in the way she hears the call of Draumr. And in that future, she realizes that the diamond-along with the fate of the dr kon-rests in the hands of a human man, one who straddles two worlds.

Ruthlessly clever, Zane has risen through London's criminal underworld to become its ruler. Once a street urchin saved by Lia's mother, Zane is also privy to the secrets of the clan-and is the only human they trust to bring them Draumr. But he does nothing selflessly.

Zane's hunt for the gem takes him to Hungary, where he is shocked to encounter a bold, beautiful young noblewoman: Lia. She has broken every rule of the dr kon to join him, driven by the urgent song of Draumr-and her visions of Zane. In one future, he is her ally. In another, her overlord. In both, he is her lover. Now, to protect her tribe, Lia must tie her fate to Zane's, to the one man capable of stealing her future-and destroying her heart....

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 4.50