The Drakhom Taboo II

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The Drakhom Taboo II

In The Drakhom Taboo II you have two people who are seeking relationships with others exactly opposite from who they end up with. Both Bianca Conti and Devon Slane are strong characters that are on the top of their game and neither is they type of person the other normally would gravitate to. But when you throw in some Drakhom DNA you get one sexy hunk that Bianca just can’t resist. Mrs. Jade’s Drakhom Taboo series is very hard to resists as she heats up the sheets with fantastic characters and a tad of the paranormal. The Drakhom species is a mix between human and vampire. The end result is a hard resist species call the Drakhom.

This second installment is sure to please readers who like alpha males and gutsy females. It can easily stand alone, but is best read after you have wetted your taste buds on The Drakhom Taboo. Book one will just wet your appetite and book two will satisfy the craving book one left inside you.

Bianca works as an office and space planner. She is a real go-getter and knows what she wants and how she wants it. Her current goal is to land a big account, but she is having problems even getting an appointment with the guy who can make her goal come true. Devon Slane is not returning her phone calls. So, she decides to go down and scope out the building she would be working on. In the course of her trip a guy walks into her and her coffee gets all over her. With a snide comment continues on her way. Low and behold he turns out to be Devon and she believes she looses the account because of the encounter, but could Devon have other reasons for denying her the job? Does he believe in mixing business with pleasure? I just know you will want to find out. The Drakhom Taboo II will heat up your sheets and have you craving a bit of The Drakhom Taboo for your self.

This tale is short and sweet and just perfect for a spicy and quick break.

Book Blurb for The Drakhom Taboo II

As far as Bianca Conti was concerned, she’d lost a significant design project for her company because of Devon Slane. Specifically, because of an unfortunate incident prior to their meeting that wasn’t even her fault. Bianca would like nothing more than to bring that arrogant man down a few notches and extract revenge.

Devon wanted spirited Bianca so much he declined her company’s bid, leaving her open to pursuit…to bend her to his will and teach her some of his Drakhom skills in bed.

The challenge begins and they push each other to the limits.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2009 4.50