The Date

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The Date

Contains some LGBT

If you can take yourself out of the normal romance box you are in for a treat. In this creative story we follow the events of a wife after her beloved husband passes on. When a husband passes sexual emotion does not just turn off like a water tap. Wives continue to have sexual needs and emotions.

When Mrs. Moran is faced with her husband's death she wants his burial day to be extra special. She plans everything as her husband would have liked with all the expensive trimmings and even some extra special treats for herself. Her personal assistant Candace makes sure everything is in line and taken care of.

Mrs. Moran loved her husband. She was a much younger wife, but there just was an extras special spark between them. Their married life was very sexual and they enjoyed each other. The big question is how did Mr. Moran die? He was found in his bed dead and the death certificate has been pushed along very quickly with some favors called in. Did he die from natural causes or was he helped along to his death.

The Date was like nothing else I've ever read. I had to take myself out of my linear life and look at many situations differently. Sandy Storm brought the experience of those last days with a loved one into the light. That time is never an easy part in anyone's life. It's hard to loose a loved one and even harder for it to be a beloved. Ms. Storm was able to take a very difficult situation and transform it. This story was riddled with surprise twists and shockers. I didn't even expect the surprise twist at the end. I look forward to seeing what new and inventive storylines Ms. Storm dreams up.

Book Blurb for The Date

Come along on The Date, a twisting, turning ride of maddening sexuality, bringing together a young, voluptuously sensual woman and her intriguing, fabulously wealthy husband. It is a rendezvous neither they, nor you, are likely ever to forget.

Mrs. Moran is wickedly focused and saucily-wise, an unabashedly self-indulgent survivor who knows instinctively on which side her bread is buttered. With her Personal Assistant, Candace, meticulously attending to all the details, this 'trophy wife' wants everything perfect for a most alluring occasion with her Richard. And what she wants, she gets...and more. Her darling husband, not only well endowed in all the essential physical dimensions, but also cloaked with the aura of mystery only the mega rich possess, awaits her in a way you can hardly imagine.

You'll never guess where this enticing couple will take you on The Date of a lifetime. And once you're there, you'll wonder if you ever should have dared to read this true Stunner!

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 4.00