The Darkest Night

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The Darkest Night

Lords of the Underworld series, #1

Do you like hunky guys who are also deeply troubled and just need that one special woman to redeem them? If so The Darkest Night should be on your list of books to read this year. This is the first book in the Lords of the Underworld series. The first three are scheduled to come out starting in May 2008 and then June and July. So, once you get hooked there will be more. Second in the series is The Darkest Kiss and then The Darkest Pleasure. Once you read the first book you will be searching the stores for the rest.

In this first book you get to meet some of the troubled guys. Many thousands of years ago the gods entrusted the mighty warrior Pandora to protect a very dangerous box. Pandora guarded it with her life, but in the end she lost her life to a guy named Maddox. He is the hero of this story. Maddox and a bunch of his friends were furious that they were not chosen to protect the box, so one day they got the box and let the evil out, when they decided to put it back in the box the box had mysteriously disappeared. Since the box was gone the gods decided to punish the group of misfits by instilling in them the evil that was in the box. Maddox was given the evil of Violence. Death, promiscuity, wrath and disease were also evils that sought bodies. Because of Maddox's role in killing Pandora he was also given one more punishment. The gods make him die each night and spend hours in hell. Each morning he awakes alive again with the knowledge that he will die again the next night. It's not an easy death either. His friends Death and Pain have to come each night kill him and take him to hell. It looks like Maddox has been through way more than a lifetime of hell. On top of dying each day and dealing with the evil demon of violence he also has to protect himself and his warrior brothers from a group of humans bent on killing them. What more can a warrior take?

Ashlyn Darrow is a very special woman. She hears voices. No she's not nuts, but hears the voices of anyone who has spoken in a specific location. She can even hear voices from way back in time. Having this ability has brought heartbreak to her life. Her parents left her at an institute when she was very young and have never come back to visit her. She was basically given away like an object. Ashlyn finely found a friend in one of the doctors. He is like a father to her, but also her boss. From the beginning we don't know if the organization she works for is involved in the story or if it's just a coincidence that she shows up near Maddox's home. When Ashlyn finds out about a special group of paranormal men she heads directly to their base. She wants to find out if they can help her. She wants the voices to stop. When Ashlyn clings to Maddox a miracle happens. The voices disappear and she is finely content, but forces are working against her. Maddox doesn't want her around, the lords don't know if she has brought more evil to their home and her boss is looking for her. Will Ashlyn be able to bring around Maddox? Will she help him break the curse that makes him die each night? How will a troubled girl and a violent man live together in harmony?

The Darkest Night is a not to be missed. I'm looking forward to reading the whole series as I've met quite a few other characters who I feel need their own story. If you enjoy deep dark characters who just need that special light in their lives to make everything better this is going to be a series you will be drawn into. The characters are distressed and it will take a lot of understanding and compassion from the heroines to redeem them. Both Maddox and Ashlyn will steal your heart and you will be rooting for them to find a common bond throughout the whole book. I give this first book two thumbs up and I'm on to the next one. Lords of the Underworld will be the hottest new paranormal series of 2008 and it all begins with The Darkest Night. Gena does it again with lots of hot new hunks and a deeply entrenched storyline.

Book Blurb for The Darkest Night

An immortal warrior cursed to die every night, only to awaken the next morning knowing he has to die again. A mortal woman with a power beyond imagining. Neither can resist the instant hunger that calms their torments... and ignites an irresistible passion.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2008 4.50