The Darkest Kiss

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The Darkest Kiss

(Riley Jensen, Guardian, Book 6) - Very Dark Paranormal

Riley Jensen is back in action in this 6th installment of the Riley Jensen Guardian series. This time the heat and sex steaks take a back seat in her life. She is dealing with two serial killers and that leaves little time for hanky panky. If you have been reading this series you know that this really cramps Riley's style. She likes to get around and play with many men, while she is also seeking her mate for life. She still has not met him, but hopes at some point he will show up. Her time to have children has run out, but her job is definitely keeping her busy.

Kade is back in the picture, but as a work mate and not as a playmate. I guess they now have a no horsing around on the job requirement. LOL - Ya no horsing around. Kade is a horseshifter and like Riley he likes spreading his stuff around if you get my meaning. Will Riley be able to catch her serial killers, find her mate and finely move on with her life? Will fate allow her these small things or screw her again?

This six book was a fun read, but not the same experience as reading the first few. I was hoping for some even weirder twists and yes there were a couple, but nothing that just shook me up like the first couple books. I did enjoy this one, but mostly because I got to continue on with where Riley was in her life. Riley is a fun gal and she will always lead you on a fun and "interesting" adventure. I hope if there is another book and that I will be dragged into some super hot and dangerous action again. Lets just plan on taking it up a notch again. It's time Riley had some fun again.

Book Blurb for The Darkest Kiss

Riley Jenson hunts evildoers-and does it with a style all her own. With vamp blood coursing her through her veins, and a werewolf's uncanny instinct for danger, Riley wears snakeskin stilettos and pure, in-your-face attitude when she plunges into her latest case: Hunting down a killer whose victims are high-society strumpets-and the rich and powerful men they've dated.

But for Riley, the case takes a chilling turn when a second killer starts trailing mutilated bodies of his own: a crazed young vamp choosing victims from a past marked by tragedy. Riley knows she's got the skill and cunning to catch two serial killers at once.until one of them strikes inside her own tight-knit clan -- and a sexy beast of a vampire re-enters her life to aid in the hunt. His name is Quinn. He's lived forever, shed blood and shared pleasure.and he's the only man over whom Riley has absolutely no control.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 3.50