The Blood Waltz

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The Blood Waltz

“The Blood Waltz” starts out a two part story. Part two (“Selena’s Requiem”) is on shelves now and I encourage readers to be ready to get part two if they love part one. As a romance part one doesn’t deliver a Happily Ever After or a Happy for Now. To get a Happily Ever After you will need part two. I very much enjoyed reading these books back to back and getting the full story arc.

In this first book we find Selena D’Agostino. She’s a young adult author who is in a rut. Her last couple books have been lackluster compared to her first few published stories. Her editor encourages her to take a vacation. Luckily she gets a fascinating letter from an unknown relative. She’s invited to meet her relatives in England. She jumps on board as she wants to meet them and they live in a castle.

“The Blood Waltz” is a Gothic Paranormal Romance and quite dark. Selena is pulled romantically between her two very distant cousins. One is a fair-haired and light tongued blond god and the other is a sexy dark haired enigma. Along with these two sexy men she meets Eugenia, her elderly relative. These three relatives are quite odd in that they don’t eat when she does and soon things are unveiled. Readers will be twisted around as things are revealed. The ending is quite dark and will have you reaching for the second part, “Selena’s Requiem”. I can say that part two is quite a bit lighter compared to this first part.

Overall, I enjoyed this book and part two. I’m looking forward to seeing what else Rita Dimitra has next. Years ago, like eleven years ago, I read two of her other books and loved them. Then Ria disappeared from publishing. Just this year she came back on the scene with “The Blood Waltz” and “Selena’s Requiem”.

Book Blurb for The Blood Waltz

“We share the same blood . . . and the same evil desires.”

Selena D’Agostino needed a vacation. So when she received a mysterious invitation from England to meet long-lost relations at their family castle, it seemed just the ticket.

But nothing could have prepared her for what she would find there. Not only were her newfound relatives not what they seemed . . . it soon became clear that they were not about to let her leave.

And perhaps the most frightening of all was her overwhelming attraction to the seductive, enigmatic Kieran Ramsey, who bore an eerie resemblance to a 400-year-old portrait that hung in the castle . . . a man of dark secrets, with an insatiable thirst for blood and a lust for Selena’s soul that would not be denied.

Originally published in 2000.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2016 4.00