The Black Dragon

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The Black Dragon

Dragon Series - Book 2

The Black Dragon is the second book in a series by Allyson James. I reviewed the first book Dragon Heat and just had to review this one. Both books were great and I recommend them if you like the paranormal. These books do not just have dragons they also have witches and some other occult elements.

The Black Dragon starts off with Saba Watanabe at 4-years-old. She has nightmares of a black smoke that is trying to kill her. She calls upon The Baku to save her. The Baku is an old Japanese god that her grandfather told her about. The Baku appears and saves her. The Baku arriving is very special and her father tells her she will be a wise woman. Years later Saba is now a good witch and in love with the Black Dragon. At the end of Dragon Heat he leaves the human world for DragonSphere. The Black Dragon picks up eight months after that.

Saba is attached and assaulted by a White dragon. In her terror she calls upon The Black Dragon - aka Malcolm to save her. White dragons are never good, so something must be really wrong. The White Dragon wants Saba to help him with a spell. Malcolm returns to the human world and takes up the hunt for the White Dragon. Will Saba and Malcolm defeat the White Dragon? Once their mission is accomplished with Malcolm return to DragonSphere and leave Saba heartbroken again or will they find a place where they can be together as their love grows?

The Black Dragon was a great continue continuation of the Dragon Series by Allyson James. I'm not sure if there will be future books, but I would love to continue reading about Ms. James dragons. This was a fun and easy read and I loved the paranormal elements. The side characters were well developed and personable. Many of the side characters made this book really standout as they were funny and well fleshed out. More dragons please Ms. James.

Book Blurb for The Black Dragon

Riding home on a San Francisco train, Saba Watanabe is attacked by a white dragon in human form. He tries to enslave her but Saba has a trick or two up her sleeve . . .

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 4.25