Sugar and Sin

a tale of the Eververse (Book 1)

Stella and Audra Price, sisters, who co-write across an ocean, have brought the world of Eververse to life. The characters are extremely real. I could picture myself having a drink and a night out with Astrid and Ashlyn. Astrid and Ash are a whole lot of fun and extremely wild. Astrid is a witch and Ash is a minor fire demon. Ash mostly just has an accelerated body temp, but Astrid is not a witch to mess with. Men watch out!

Astrid and Ash are flat mates and they like things nice and posh. At the start of the book hit men are pursing Ashlyn. These men want a spell that they believe she is in possession of. So, Astrid and Ash fly around the world trying to loose the bad guys. They settle into the town of Shadow Heights, NY and start setting up house. A big house! Both the girls have their own fabulous suites in a mansion. I would "sell my soul" to have a bathroom like those two do. Just kidding!

Astrid and Ash are in big trouble. The hit men that were following them have caught up with them in NY. The heat is on to save Ash's life and take out the men who want her dead.

A year ago, Astrid fell deeply in love with a demon named Fallon. Fallon is a teleport demon. Fallon stayed with Astrid for one month and then left her. For the last year Astrid has been living her life, but not a full life. Fallon left not because he was done with Astrid, but because he has emotional problems when it comes to family and love.

One year later, present day, Fallon and Astrid just happen to be in the same town at the same time. Fallon and his friend Feyd will come to the girls rescue. They are both tough, powerful, and demons. These boys also have powerful friends. They will save the day. Fallon sets Ash up with Feyd and they are a scorcher.

Sugar and Sin is a deeply engaging and erotic read. If you like your men and women tough and powerful this is the book for you. Sugar and Sin is set in the world of the Eververse. The Eververse is our realm with demons. There are 9 types of demons. Some of the different types are Ice, Fire, Teleport, Pleasure, and Shadow. You will have to read the book to find out the rest. Lots of surprises headed your way. Demons are not fluffy puppy dogs. They are hot powerful "men" and "women". Demons collect souls and will try to trick you out of yours.

This is not your typical fluffy romance. The Eververse is not a nice place and you should be prepared for many rocky relationships. The main characters of Sugar and Sin are Astrid and Fallon, but you will be invited to learn about many of the supporting characters. Both Astrid and Fallon have many wonderful and troubled friends. I hope to see more books about them.

Book Blurb for Sugar and Sin

What would you give for a second chance? Astrid, a witch, has often wondered what would happen if her lover, Fallon, a teleport demon, came back to her. After a year apart it seems fate will bring them together once more, and their relationship is going to be tested with a new threat to their lives and the lives of their friends. A reckoning is coming, and its time to choose sides. When the exiled demon prince Cassiel gives Astrid an offer she can't refuse, will her relationship with Fallon pay the price?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2007 4.25