Sucks to Be You

Sucks to be your is funny, hot and serious. When two women get drunk and start playing magic surprising things can happen. Tonni Hanson's friend Martha passes out and Tonni chants some words on a piece of paper. Drago a vampire from the past appears. At first Tonni thinks he is a scrumptious hunk that she has dreamed up, but the next morning he is still there. Will the girls be able to find a way to send Drago back to his time? What's special about Tonni's blood? Why is Drago feeling so weird and has he been poisoned?

Sucks To Be You was a fun root for the heroine and hero book. The characters were likeable and hilarious at times, but there was also a very deep element of love gained and unexpected. It was also nice to see a strong woman take on Drago the super fine, but full of himself hunk. In the end they both get what they desire most.

Book Blurb for Sucks to Be You

The world of eighteenth century Transylvania is kind to vampires. (Or Immortals as they prefer to be called.) Food is plentiful, women are willing, and it’s all fun and frolic if you’re a neck-biting, blood-sucking dynamo in bed. Dragomir Aleksander Falcau fits all the criteria, and enjoys the hell out of his life until… Toni Hansen is spending a few days with a friend who has an urge to create something unique. Ancient mead recipes and Twinkies are most definitely going to be involved, along with some of those pink, coconut-covered puffy cakes. Unfortunately, a scrying bowl and an ancient chant are also accidentally included in the evening’s entertainment. Drago is “summoned” from his slumber into Toni’s buzzed fantasies. And for one confused eighteenth-century Immortal and one seriously smashed twenty-first century woman, things go from bed to worse…

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 4.00