Stray Cat Strut

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Stray Cat Strut

Shifter Sisters, #3

Meow, this was a hot and feisty one. Stray Cat Strut is the third book in the Shifter Sisters Series by Sierra Dafoe. When Persia feels that her man has been taken she runs away from the Shifter Sisters band. She plans to find a man for her, but fate has other plans.

After turning into a cat Persia is "adopted" by Billy Gruff and ends up at a big estate. Persia is quite happy, as money is one of her requirements in a man. Billy is the youngest brother and has two older brothers. First Persia meets Billy, the young and inexperienced one. Then she meets the middle brother who is kinky as hell. Lastly, she meets big brother Gruff and boy is he a handful. With three men on her string whom will Persia decide to settle down with? Will it be inexperience Billy Gruff, whips and chains Alex Gruff or super fine Big Brother Ben Gruff? Maybe fate has something else planed for our promiscuous Persia?

Woo hoo; this book will leave you taking a dip in the pool. Promiscuous Persia will have you flying from bed to bed and holding on real tight as she experiences love in three different ways. First she tries out inexperienced Billy and that will have you all hot and bothered and then she moves up the line to Alex who likes the kinkier side of things. Lastly she goes after the big bro Ben and finds that he is to her taste and I'm sure you will too. This story reminded me a bit of really naughty Goldilocks. If you want a hot night with a book pick this one up, as you will be drawn into Persia's tale of finding the right combination. If you like the spicier side of life any one of Ms. Dafoe's books will hit you in that special spot.

Book Blurb for Stray Cat Strut

The world, according to Persia:

1. In the battle of the sexes, Persia always wins.

2. When in doubt of the outcome, see Rule #1.

Furious that Tori took the man she wanted, Persia is determined to find a beau who'll turn both Tori and Lu absolutely green with envy. But finding a man who can outshine Drake Foster is no small task -- he'd have to be handsome, suave, sexy, adorable, romantic, powerful and rich.

In the meantime, there's Billy Gruff -- young, blond, and absolutely gorgeous. A perfect consolation for her wounded pride. And when Billy takes her home to meet his brothers, Persia finds herself with an overabundance of mouthwatering choices.

Billy is just as sweet and luscious as any girl could ever want. His brother Alec may think he's bad, but Persia knows exactly how to get his goat -- and nobody, but nobody ties this keyboard-playing kitty down!

But when big brother Ben appears on the scene, Persia discovers to her chagrin that she's well and truly fucked. Or at least, she's about to be.

When in doubt of the outcome, see Rule #1. Welcome to the world of Persia.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 4.50