Storm Crossed

The Grim Series, #4

Readers new to Dani Harper's Grim series can jump right into STORM CROSSED without feeling lost. Once done with this book you will be looking to head right out and get book one. You will want to add to the overall world and happily ever afters.

The main elements that makes you fall in love with a Dani Harper book are:

1. True to life characters that whittle themselves into your heart. In this book that plays out with the hero, heroine and the heroines son.

Lissy Santiago-Callahan's son has asperger's and she's done everything she can to take care of him and make him the center of her world. We soon find out that her son might just have epic magic that is needed to save our world as well as the fae world.

Trahern is our royal elf seeking to save his brother from a curse. He doesn't know what love is or so he thinks. He's never thought about the love he has for his brother as elves don't love. But soon Lissy is showing him through actions. Trahern has tried for hundreds of years and nothing has helped his brother. But change is coming.

2. Lasting and heartfelt friendships between the heroine, hero and their band of friends.

Trahern and Lissy like each other, but both have responsibilities. It's not easy finding love when so much is going on, but they do it. Trahern is enemy number one to some of Lissy's band of magical friends. But he grows on them as he's the only one who can help Lissy's son into his powers. I loved reading about Lissy's friends and they brought laughs and layers to this story. It doesn't take long to feel like you are among friends who would love you and embrace you.

3. A villian you can despise.

From the get go Harper takes you into the lives of Trahern and his brother. They are twins, but don't look alike. And their mother is frightening, power hungry and cruel. She wants to dispose of her son Trahern as he's no longer the aset she birthed him for. He's growing in power and she sees that as a threat. Their evil mother is eviler than any Disney villain. Watch your back, she's a vicious one.

I'm highly recommending you read a Dani Harper paranormal romance. You will be transported into the lives of vividly real characters that will live on in your heart.

Book Blurb for Storm Crossed

The latest stand-alone novel in Dani Harper’s Grim Series will delight old and new fans alike, transporting them to the ancient fae realm beneath the modern human world, where magic rules and menace abounds . . .

Heir to a noble fae house, Trahern is forced to watch helplessly as his twin brother is cruelly changed into a grim—a death dog—as punishment for falling in love with the wrong person. Trahern doesn’t believe love exists, but he will do anything to keep his brother alive—even join the Wild Hunt and ride the night skies of the human world.

Lissy Santiago-Callahan believes in love but has no time for it. She’s busy juggling her career as an academic and her home life as a single mom to a young son with Asperger’s. Her hectic life in sleepy Eastern Washington is made even more chaotic with the sudden arrival of a demanding fae and his unusual “dog.”

Mortal and immortal have nothing in common, and the attraction between Lissy and Trahern surprises them both. But when their desire places Lissy and her child in the path of a deadly faery feud, will the connection last, or will their separate worlds prove too great a divide?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2017 4.50