South Seas Salvation

Corporate Services Book 3

JC Hay takes us into his third Corporate Services science fiction romance novel with "South Seas Salvation". Those new to JC and this series can jump right in and into this action packed book. Hay knows how to have you on the run and always looking over your shoulder.

The Corporate Services series is packed full of future tech and characters with enhancements. Hay's makes all of that easy to visualize in a little amount of words. Nothing is too heavy to understand. With enemies at the characters backs there is little time for long drawn out explanations. The world is just real and you are there.

In this book wa have Yashilla, a hacker and Zar the muscle. As the blurb puts it, their virtual and physical worlds collide. An oh it's explosive. It takes these two working together to come out alive and in love.

It was wonderful following these two through danger. As they learn to trust they find that the future has a place for them. Yashilla will need to spend more time in the physical world and less deep in code and Zar will open up. "South Seas Salvation" is a beautiful high tech romance.

Book Blurb for South Seas Salvation

She'd sacrifice everything for the score of a lifetime...

...He'd sacrifice himself to settle one.

Yashilla lives in her head. She’d much prefer the digital realities that she controls like a maestro to the messy one outside her door. And the last thing she wants is a babysitter, even if she can’t keep her eyes – or her mind – off of him.

Zar’s only looking for two things: revenge and a meaningful death. To get a chance at both, he’ll have to bodyguard an impulsive hacker with the keys he needs to strike his enemy’s heart. He never expected she might give him a reason to live instead.

As their virtual and physical words collide, passion and sparks threaten the walls they’ve built. But lowering their defenses increases the danger; without trust, they both might get exactly what they were looking for, and nothing that they want.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2018 4.00