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Zavier, an incubus has been reformed. For many years he has been working in the human world. He is a super focused and stressed out man. He owns his own company and has many women working around him. He has no intention of going back to his old job so he keeps himself under iron control. For several years Zavier has been working with Nina. Nina thinks that Zavier needs to get laid and release some stress and she knows the perfect women to help him out. When Nina gets Zavier to loose control the story heats up and it will blow your world.

Sleepless by Elisa Adams was a super quick and enjoyable read. I love the concept of the incubus who has been reformed. Who new that such a thing could happen and what the repercussions could be? Well, I can tell you that when something is suppressed you get a whole lot of action when the floodgates burst open. Ms. Adams will have you twirling in your seat and looking at hot bosses in a whole new way. The story could have used a bit more character depth as I would have like to know them a bit more than just as friends who went to dinner and then home for some action. But over all if you are looking for a quick and spicy read this should do it for you.

Book Blurb for Sleepless


Nina has the hots for her boss, Zavier, and she's sick of waiting for him to make the first move. But her attempt at seduction leads to something she never would have expected when she wakes up tied to his bed.

Zavier has his share of secrets. Deep, dark secrets that would make Nina run if she only knew. He isn't the man Nina thinks he is. In fact, he isn't human at all. He's an incubus. Reformed. Non-practicing, that is. He's been trying to live like a normal human. Which would be a whole lot easier without temptation herself sharing his office.

Nina's a temptation Zavier's trying to fight. But what's a sex-demon to do when the woman of his dreams drops herself in his arms? He can only hope she won't regret her impetuousness once she learns the truth.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2007 3.50