Simply Sexy

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Simply Sexy

This is book 3 in a 3 book series. This book takes place in present day Texas and deals with three best girlfriends. These friends are running a TV station. This book is about Julia Boudreaux & Ben Prescott. Julia is a vampy rich girl and Ben is an undercover cop & member of a really rich family. Julia does not know that Ben is an undercover cop. Ben does not want people knowing his job because someone could accidentally blow his cover. Ben gets shot in the leg and Julia takes care of him. During Ben's recovery things get very hot and the sparks fly. I suggest reading these books in order. Each book has a really cool cover and when sat next to each other they create a large picture.

Book Blurb for Simply Sexy

She's sworn off bad boys.

There's just one problem. . . .

When life goes awry for wild and sexy Julia Boudreaux, she packs up her stiletto heels and swears off guys who spell nothing but trouble. And to keep her job in television, she decides to create a TV hit-a makeover show. She's going to turn rugged West Texas men into sensitive guys. Easier pitched than done.

Undercover cop Ben Prescott is so sexy it hurts. Back in Julia's orbit after a brush with a bullet, Ben steers clear of the woman who used to set his blood afire. She's changed from Mae West to Mother Teresa, and she's trying to turn him into a sensitive guy. But when life heats up, will this rugged hunk risk everything for a woman who's about to lose it all?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2005 4.00