Once Bitten, Twice Shy

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Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Shifter Sisters - book 2

Once Bitten, Twice Shy the second installment in the Shifter Sisters series was awesome!

This one was about Tori the vampire. Tori had the worst of luck on the night that she gave her virginity away. She woke up the next morning and her lover had flown the coop and left her with an unpleasant surprise. She went for weeks thinking she was sick and it turns out she had been turned into a vampire. Centuries later she is now a member of the Twister Sisters band and shares an apartment with the other two members. Luna is a werewolf and Persia is a cat shifter.

In Once Bitten, Twice Shy Tori find her man or is it two. She meets sexy and mysterious Drake Foster after one of her shows. At first he seems really nice and then he seems controlling. He has money and takes her out to dinner. On the way to the restaurant he is hot and heavy, but at dinner he reverts to the gentlemen again. Something is up and Tori has to get to the bottom of it.

Sierra Dafoe nicked my socks with this one. I loved the comradery between the Shifter Sisters and how they all felt so real, squabbles and all. It reminded me of my sister and I at a younger age. Sierra wrote another hot read that will have you in search of your fan and a pile of ice cubes.

Book Blurb for Once Bitten, Twice Shy

The first time Tori let a man steal her heart she went to his bed a virgin and woke up a vampire. Kind of a two-for-one special; lose your maidenhood and your humanity all in one night. For Tori, that was enough -- she swore the first time would also be the last.

Now, though, she's being pursued by a rich and mysterious man, and, whether Tori wants to admit it or not, she's tempted. But what is up with Drake Foster? One minute, he's charming and witty; the next, he's arrogant, demanding, and even sexier than before. Even worse, he seems to have an uncanny ability to be in two places at one time. Is he just one more supernatural bastard out to fuck with her life -- or has Tori, all unwittingly, found herself another two-for-one special?

Either way, she's having one hell of a time resisting Drake's advances -- or her attraction to this powerful, strangely multifaceted man. And, despite her fears, Tori's starting to think about taking another chance on love.

Or is it, just possibly, two chances?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2007 4.50