Sherlock the Seducer

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Sherlock the Seducer

Have you ever wondered about the sex life of Sherlock Homes? We all have heard about his investigations, but something just seemed to be missing. What did he do during his free time? Well Suz deMello will tell you about what Sherlock was "up to" in his private life.

When Sherlock is called in to retrieve a photo he meets again the woman he has always had a passion for. Years ago he met an actress that just did it for him and things have never been that good again. As they meet again they have to decide can an actress and Sherlock make a life together?

Sherlock the Seducer was a wonderful twist on the life of the detective Sherlock Homes. The book is more than spicy and will have you feeling like a heat wave has moved in. Suz deMello did a great job making the characters seem real and grabbing my imagination. The book takes off very quickly and I enjoyed hearing the tale not just from Sherlock's perspective but also from his love interest.

Book Blurb for Sherlock the Seducer

Are you a Baker Street Irregular? Sherlock the Seducer is a very irregular Sherlock Holmes tale, but who isn't attracted to the tall, handsome Holmes as he stalks through the foggy streets of Victorian London, saving the day again and again?

Follow Sherlock as he woos and wins the elusive Irene Adler. Sherlock the Seducer is a typical Suz deMello read: fast paced with a whole lot of kink!

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2007 4.00