Shaman's Seduction

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Shaman's Seduction

I was thrilled when I heard Kathryne Kennedy was releasing some new stories. It's been many years since she's published a book and I've been a long time fan. I love how Kathryn transports me to new places and gives her worlds loads of magic. She did just that with this latest book.

"Shaman's Seduction" is a set of three paranormal stories involving tribes. Each is set in the same world, but is a self contained story. Each couple has obstacles to overcome and a love that unfolds. Kennedy doesn't take it easy on her characters. They have to work for their HEA.

The three stories we get are Inaluk’s Curse, Za’lla’s Dream and Kalaka’s Choice.

Between the pages of "Shaman's Seduction" we get three woman shaman and the journeys they take to true love. Each tale is very unique and I was transported into each shaman's village and into our heroine's life. Shaman Kalaka was the heroine I didn't like as much. She's was very infatuated with a man who was selfish. Luckily there is a new man in town to capture her heart. Even though I had a hard time with liking Kalaka it was enjoyable seeing such a woman have a change of heart and come to love the man who loved her.

Book Blurb for Shaman's Seduction

What would you do to find—and keep—your perfect soul mate?

In an arctic world of magic and monsters, three powerful women face their deepest fears…and find their truest loves.

Inaluk’s Curse

The tribes are facing the fiercest battle in their history, and the last thing the chieftain’s daughter wants to do is recruit warriors from a village rumored to be cursed with cowardice. But when she meets the muscular blacksmith, Otuku, all of her preconceptions are shattered. Can Inaluk’s love for this man allow her to embrace her shaman powers and save her people?

Za’lla’s Dream

Shaman Za’lla has a vision that compels her to make a dangerous journey to find a sister she can’t even remember. When the chieftain’s son helps her, she realizes the man she’s only admired from afar is enamored with her. As she faces the memories of a traumatic childhood, will the wall of ice around her heart melt so she can accept his love?

Kalaka’s Choice

Young Shaman Kalaka has been obsessed with gaining the affection of the artistic and handsome Alloc. Then a stranger comes to her village, and she must rely on this mysterious man, Manuk, to help save Alloc from certain death. After she travels to the spirit world and understands the truth about these two men, Kalaka must decide which one to choose before she loses her perfect soul mate forever.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2018 4.50